Ottley, William Young,   A Series Of Plates, Engraved After The Paintings And Sculptures Of The Most Eminent Masters Of The Early Florentine School; Intended To Illustrate The History Of The Restoration Of The Arts Of Design In Italy; And Dedicated To John Flaxman, Esq. R.A. Professor Of Sculpture To The Royal Academy, (In Token Of High Respect For His Genius,) By William Young Ottley, F.A.S. Author Of "An Inquiry Into The Origin And Early History Of Engraving;" "The Italian School Of Design," &c. - London: 1826.   
Libro Della Seconda, E Terza Porta Di Bronzo Della Chiesa Di S. Giovanni Batista Di Firenze 1403. 23 Novembre.   - (Firenze) (12. Settembre 1772.) (-1774)   
The life of Frá Bartolommeo della Porta, a Tuscan painter, with his works, engraved from the original pictures, dedicated, to the Honorable Horace Walpole, an Intelligent Promotor of the fine Arts, by his most Obedient and most humble Servant Thomas Patch. Vita di Frá Bartolommeo della Porta, pittor Toscano, colle sue opere, intagliate in rame, dagli originali, Dedicata al Sigre Orazio Walpolo Nobile Inglese, Fauttore Intelligente, delle belle Arti, dal suo umil Servo Tommaso Patch   - (In Firenze) 1772. (-1773)