Sir George Clausen, R.A. 1852 - 1944
Portrait of Mark Fisher, R.A.
Photo: R.A./John Hammond
© The Artist's Estate
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Portrait of Mark Fisher, R.A., 1900
Oil on canvas, 617 X 512 mm
Purchased from Sir George Clausen, R.A., 1938
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George Clausen and Mark Fisher were close friends, both living at Widdington in Essex during the 1890s. In his appreciation written for the catalogue of Fisher's memorial exhibition of 1924, Clausen remarked that '[Fisher's] friends will remember not only the fine artist but the attractive personality of the man, full of light and shade of "accents" like his paintings, his shrewd simplicity, his worldly wisdom and kindness.' Fisher appears brimming over with jollity in Clausen's portrait. The informal pose and ruddy complexion are heightened by dabs of light in the eyes and on the nose which capture something of the older man's reknowned buoyant character. The portrait was apparently intended as a personal record of Fisher (the painting remained in Clausen's private collection until he sold it to the Royal Academy in 1938) and displays Clausen's affection for his friend.

This work is currently on display in the General Assembly Room at the Royal Academy of Arts and can be viewed by attending one of the free tours of the John Madejski Fine Rooms. Click here for further information about the tours

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