Frederick William Elwell, R.A. 1870 - 1958
The Royal Academy Selection and Hanging Committee 1938
Photo: R.A./John Hammond
© Royal Academy of Arts, London
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The Royal Academy Selection and Hanging Committee 1938, 1938
Oil on canvas, 1180 X 1445 mm
Diploma Work given by Frederick William Elwell, R.A., accepted 1939
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This painting shows the Royal Academicians who selected and arranged the Summer Exhibition in 1938 celebrating the completion of their labours with a traditional lunch in the General Assembly Room at Burlington House. It is the last in a line of group portraits of Royal Academicians ‘at work’ which began in the 18th century with Johann Zoffany’s The Academicians of the Royal Academy (ca.1772 ; Royal Collection) and climaxed in the twentieth with Hubert von Herkomer’s 20-foot wide Council of the Royal Academy 1907 (1908; Tate).
From left to right the sitters are: Elwell himself (standing with palette and brushes in hand), Sir Edwin Cooper, Sir William Russell Flint, Sydney Lee, Sir William Llewellyn (President), Sir Walter Lamb (Secretary), Oliver Hall, George Harcourt, Sir Walter Russell (Keeper), James Woodford, Stephen Gooden, Gilbert Ledward, S.J. Lamorna Birch and Harold Knight.

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