George Nicol

Born: 1740?
Died: 1828
Bookseller, publisher, in London from 1769. Father of William Nicol.
Works of Art: 0
Books: 16
Archives: 1
A Catalogue Of The Pictures, &c. In The Shakspeare Gallery, Pall-Mall.   - London: [1792]   
Lawrence, Richard   Elgin Marbles, From The Parthenon At Athens: Exemplified By Fifty Etchings, Selected From The Most Beautiful And Least Mutilated Specimens In That Collection; And Accompanied With Explanatory And Critical Remarks On The Style, Composition, And Peculiar Excellence Of Those Transcendent Relics Of Grecian Sculpture. By Richard Lawrence. - London: 1818.   
Ireland, John   A Supplement To Hogarth Illustrated; Compiled From His Original manuscripts, In The Possession Of John Ireland, Author Of The Two Volumes Published By Messrs. Boydell. - London: Published, March, 1798.   
Il Mercurio Italico: O Sia Ragguaglio Generale intorno alla Letteratura, Belle Arti, Utili Scoperte, ec. di tutta l'Italia. The Italian Mercury: Or, A General Account concerning the Literature, Fine Arts, Useful Discoveries, &c. of all Italy.   - Londra: [1789-1790]   
Shakespeare, William   The Dramatic Works Of William Shakspeare Revised By George Steevens. Vol. I. (- IX.) - London: - [1802]   
British Museum. Department of Greek and Roman Antiquities   A Description Of The Collection Of Ancient Terracottas In The British Museum : With Engravings - London : 1810.   
An Historical Account Of The Royal Hospital For Seamen At Greenwich.   - London: [1789]   
Smeaton, John   A Narrative Of The Building And A Description Of The Construction Of The Edystone Lighthouse With Stone: To Which Is Subjoined, An Appendix, giving some Account of the Lighthouse on the Spurn Point, Built Upon A Sand. By John Smeaton, Civil Engineer, F.R.S. - London: 1791.   
Richardson, George   A Treatise On The Five Orders Of Architecture In Which The Principles Of That Art Are Illustrated By Elegant And Correct Examples, Representing The Most Approved Forms, Proportions, And Decorations, Peculiar To The Several Orders; As Exhibited In The Remains Of The Beautiful Edifices Of Antiquity; Composed In The Style Most Consonant To The Orders That Adorn The Magnificent Temples, Baths, Theatres, Amphitheatres, Basilicas, Triumphal Arches, And Other Ancient Buildings. Containing Twenty-Two Plates Engraved in Acquatinta, producing the Spirit and Effect of finished Drawings in Indian Ink; With complete Explanations in English and French, accompanied with Observations made on several of the Antiquities at Rome, and various Parts of Italy, at Pola in Istria, and the southern Provinces of France, in the Years 1760, 1761, 1762, 1nd 1763; By George Richardson, Architect. ... Traité Des Cinq Ordres D'Architecture, Où les principes de cet Art sont exposé dans tout leur jour, au moyen d'examples choisis et corrects qui représent le différens Ordres dans leur plus belle forme, suivant leurs meilleurs proportions, et avec les décorations qui leur sont particulières, d'après ce qui reste des plus beaux édifices de l'Antiquité ... - London [1787]   
Society of Dilettanti (London)   Ionian Antiquities, Published By Order Of The Society Of Dilettanti. - London: [1769 (-1915)]   
Engravings From The Original Designs Of Annibale, Agostino, And Ludovico Caracci, In His Majesty's Collection. Consisting Of Elegant Compositions And Studies For The Various Celebrated Pictures In The Different Palaces And Cabinets At Rome, Bologna, Parma, Milan, &c. Published By John Chamberlaine, F.S.A. And Keeper Of The King's Medals And Drawings.   - London: 1797. [-1807?]   
Imitations Of Original Designs By Leonardo Da Vinci: Consisting Of Various Drawings Of Single Figures, Heads, Compositions, Horses, And Other Animals; Optics, Perspective, Gunnery, Hydraulics, Mechanics; And In Particular Of Very Accurate Delineations, With A Most Spirited Pen, Of A Variety Of Anatomical Subjects: In His Majesty's Collection. Published By John Chamberlaine, Keeper Of The King's Drawings And Medals, And F.S.A.   - London: 1796. [-1806]   
Combe, Charles   Nummorum Veterum Populorum Et Urbium, Qui In Museo Gulielmi Hunter Asservantur, Descriptio Figuris Illustrata. Opera Et Studio Caroli Combe, S.R. et S.A. Lond. Soc. - Londini [1782]   
Johnson, Samuel   The Lives Of The Most Eminent English Poets; With Critical Observations On Their Works. By Samuel Johnson. In Four Volumes. Volume I. (-IV.) - London: [1781]   
Lysons, Samuel   An Account Of Roman Antiquities Discovered At Woodchester In The County Of Gloucester. By Samuel Lysons F.R.S. & A.S. - London [1797]   
Original Designs of the Most Celebrated Masters of the Bolognese, Roman, Florentine, ad Venetian schools; comprising some of the works of Leonardo da Vinci, the Caracci, Claude Lorraine, Raphael, Michel Angelo, the Poussins, and others, in His Majesty's Collection; engraved by Bartolozzi, P.W. Tomkins, Schiavonetti, Lewis, and other eminent engravers; with biographical and historical sketches of L. da Vinci and the Caracci. By J. Chamberlaine ...   - London: 1812.   
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