George Aitchison, R.A.

Preferred Media: Architecture and interior design
Born: 7 November 1825 in London, England, United Kingdom
Died: 16 May 1910
Nationality: British
Royal Academy student from: 24 April 1847 to:
Category of Membership: Architect
Elected A.R.A: 02 Jun 1881
Elected R.A: 19 Jan 1898
Professor of Architecture 1887-1905
Works of Art: 4
Books: 5
Archives: 7
Works by

Record drawing of Royal Exchange...   
Record drawing of Royal Exchange...
13 May 1898
George Aitchison

Design for House and Studio...   
Design for House and Studio...
George Aitchison
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George Aitchison R.A.   
George Aitchison R.A.
Ralph W. Robinson

George Aitchison R.A.   
George Aitchison R.A.
Unidentified photographer

Vitruvius   The Architecture Of Marcus Vitruvius Pollio, In Ten Books. Translated From The Latin By Joseph Gwilt, Fellow Of The Society Of Antiquaries Of London. - London: [1826]   
Desgodets, Antoine Babuty   Les Édifices Antiques De Rome Mesurés Et Dessinés Tres-Exactement Sur Les Lieux Par Feu M· Desgodetz Architecte Du Roi - Gli Edifizj Antichi Di Roma Misurati E Disegnati Esattissimamente Sui Luoghi Dal Fu M· Desgodetz Architetto Del Re Traduzione Con Note E Il Testo Originale A Lato - - Roma MDCCCXXII -   
Burges, William, A.R.A.   Architectural Drawings. By W. Burges, Architect. - London: 1870.   
Virgil   Publii Virgilii Maronis Bucolica, Georgica, Et Aeneis, Illustrata, ornata, et accuratissime impressa. Tom. I. (II.) - Londini [1750]   
Horace   Quinti Horatii Flacci Opera. Vol. I. (II.) - Londini: [1749]   
LEI/44/90    G. Aitchison, 150 Harley Street, to Prof. Church    28 Feb 1896    Item   
SP/5/2    Typescript copies of correspondence concerning the Presidential status of James Wyatt    1896-97    Item   
SP/3/11    Notes on Academy elections    19 Jan 1898    Item   
RAA/SEC/1/125    Letter from Frederic Leighton, 2 Holland Park Road, Kensington, to Mr Burgess    20 Mar 1895    Item   
GRI/3/649    G. Aitchison, 150 Harley Street, to George Richmond    7 Dec 1885    Item   
RAA/SEC/4/2    Correspondence from George Aitchison, RA    1881-1887    Sub-series   
RAA/PC/11/6    Council report on proposed changes to the Schools laws    1900-1901    File