Sir Augustus Wall Callcott, R.A.

Preferred Media: Painting
Born: 20 February 1779 in London, England, United Kingdom
Died: 25 November 1844
Nationality: British
Royal Academy student from: 30 December 1797 to:
Elected A.R.A: 03 Nov 1806
Elected R.A: 10 Feb 1810
Works of Art: 15
Books: 60
Archives: 43
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Augustus Wall Callcott
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Mount Lebanon and the Ruins...   
Mount Lebanon and the Ruins...
Augustus Wall Callcott

Augustus Wall Callcott

Augustus Wall Callcott
Works associated with

Head of a sleeping man   
Head of a sleeping man
1818 or 1824
Augustus Wall Callcott

A sheet of drawings of...   
A sheet of drawings of...
1818 or 1824
Augustus Wall Callcott

A mountainous landscape   
A mountainous landscape
by 1844
Augustus Wall Callcott

A sheet of sketches, including...   
A sheet of sketches, including...
1818 or 1824
Augustus Wall Callcott

A carriage,  Maastricht   
A carriage, Maastricht
1818 or 1824
Augustus Wall Callcott

Ships in the harbour at...   
Ships in the harbour at...
1818 or 1824
Augustus Wall Callcott

A horse in profile   
A horse in profile
ca. 1818
Augustus Wall Callcott

A man reclining   
A man reclining
1818 or 1824
Augustus Wall Callcott

A landscape, probably in Italy   
A landscape, probably in Italy
possibly 1827
Augustus Wall Callcott

A landscape with cattle   
A landscape with cattle
after 1800
Augustus Wall Callcott

A hilly landscape   
A hilly landscape
Augustus Wall Callcott

Dictionarium polygraphicum : or, the whole body of arts regularly digested. containing, I. The arts of Designing, Drawing, Painting, Washing Prints, Limning, Japanning, Gilding in all their various kinds. Also Perspective, the Laws of Shadows, Dialling, &c. II. Carving, Cutting in Wood, Stone; Moulding and Casting Figures in Plaister, Wax, Metal; also Engraving, and Etching, and Mezzotinto. III. A brief historical Account of the most considerable Painters, Sculptors, Statuaries, and Engravers, with those Cyphers or Marks by which their Works are known. IV. An Explanation of the Emblematical and Hieroglyphical Representations of the Heathen Deities, Powers, Human Passions, Virtues, Vices, &c. of great Use in History Painting. V. The Production, Nature, Refining, Compounding, Transmutation and Tinging all sorts of Metals and Minerals of various Colours. VI. The Arts of Making, Working, Painting or Staining all sorts of Glass and Marble; also Enamels, the imitation of all sorts of Precious Stones, Pearls, &c. according to the Practice both of the Antients and Moderns. Vii. Dying all sorts of Materials, Linen, Woollen, Silk, Leather, Wood, Ivory, Horns, Bones; also Bleaching and Whitening Linen, Hair, &c. Viii. The Art of Tapestry-Weaving, as now performed in England, Flanders and France, either of the high or low Warp; also many other curious Manufactures. IX. A Description of Colours, Natural and Artificial, as to their Productions, Natures or Qualities, various Preparations, Compositions and Uses. X. The method of making all kinds of Inks, both Natural and Sympathetical; and also many other Cariosities not here to be specified, whereby this is rendred a more Compleat Work than has hitherto appear'd in any language. Adorned with proper sculptures, curiously engraven on more than fifty copper plates.   - London 1735   
British painters of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries : with eighty examples of their work engraved on wood.   - London [n.d.]   
Pliny, the Elder   Histoire De La Peinture Ancienne, Extraite De L'Histoire Naturelle De Pline, Liv. XXXV. Avec le Texte Latin, corrigé sur les Mss. de Vossius & sur le I. Ed. de Venise, & éclairci par des Remarques nouvelles. - [Epigraph] - - A Londres [1725]   
An Essay In Two Parts, On The Necessity and Form Of A Royal Academy For Painting, Sculpture and Architecture. - [Epigraph from Cicero]   - London: 1755. Price Six-pence.   
Dezallier d'Argenville, Antoine-Joseph   Tooneel Der Uitmuntende Schilders Van Europa, En Byzonderlyk Van Nederland, Zedert De Vinding' Der Olieverw' Tot Ao. MDCCL. Bevattende De Merkwaardigste Byzonderheeden hunnes Leevensloops, en de Aanwyzinge hunner beste Werken; Hunne onderscheide Eigenschappen in de Kunst, en de Maniere hun's Penseels; En het Middel om de Tékeningen der Groote Meesters te kennen. Verrykt met hunne Afbeeldzels in Fraaije Kunstplaaten. Uit bet Fransch vertaald, verbéterd en grootlyks vermeêrderd. I. Deel. - In 'sGravenhage [1752]   
Gersaint, Edmé-François   A Catalogue And Description Of the Etchings of Rembrandt Van-Rhyn, With some Account of his Life. To which is added, A List of the best Pieces of this Master for the Use of those who would make a Select Collection of his Works. Written originally by the late M. Gersaint, and published by Mess. Helle and Glomy, with considerable Additions and Improvements. Translated from the French. - - London: [1752].   
Landseer, John, A.R.A.   Lectures On The Art Of Engraving, Delivered At The Royal Institution Of Great Britain, - By John Landseer, Engraver To The King, And F.S.A. - - London: 1807.   
Quandt, Johann Gottlob von   Entwurf zu einer Geschichte der Kupferstecherkunst und deren Wechselwirkungen mit andern zeichnenden Künsten. Mit zwei Beilagen. Von Johann Gottlob von Quandt. - - Leipzig: 1826.   
Cobin, A.   Short And Plain Principles Of Linear Perspective, Adapted To Naval Architecture. Containing Rules To Draw Correctly The Forms Of Ships In Every Possible Position. The Whole being rendered so clear that a complete Knowledge of the Art may be soon and easily attained. - Illustrated with Five Copper-Plates. - By A. Cobin. - The Fourth Edition, Revised and Corrected. - - London: 1794. - Price [4s.] Sewed.   
Taylor, Brook   New Principles Of Linear Perspective: Or The Art of Designing On a Plane, The Representations Of All Sorts Of Objects, In A more General and Simple Method than has been hitherto done. - The Third Edition. - By Brook Taylor, Ll.D. and R.S.S. - Revised and Corrected by John Colson, M.A. and F.R.S. Lucasian Professor of Mathematicks in the University of Cambridge. - - London: [1749]   
An Essay On Landscape Painting. With Remarks General And Critical, on The Different Schools And Masters, Ancient Or Modern. -   - London: 1782.   
Freart, Roland, Sieur de Chambray   An Idea Of the Perfection Of Painting: Demonstrated From the Principles of Art, and by Examples conformable to the Observations, which Pliny and Quintilian have made upon the most celebrated Pieces of the Antient Painters, Parallel'd with some Works of the most famous Modern Painters, Leonardo da Vinci, Raphael, Julio Romano, and N. Poussin. - Written in French By Roland Freart, Sieur de Cambray, And rendred English By J.E. Esquire, Fellow of the Royal Society. - - [London:] 1668.   
Richardson, Jonathan, the Elder   An Account Of The Statues, Bas-reliefs, Drawings And Pictures In Italy, France, &c. With Remarks. - By Mr. Richardson, {Sen. and Jun. - The Second Edition. - - London: [1754]   
Le Brun, Charles   Conference Of Monsieur Le Brun, Cheif Painter To The French King, Chancellor and Director Of The Academy Of Painting and Sculpture; Upon Expression, General and Particular. Translated from the French, and Adorned with 43 Copper-Plates. - London, - 1701.   
Félibien, André, sieur des Avaux et de Javercy   Seven Conferences Held In The King of France's Cabinet Of Paintings, Between Mr. Le Brun, Mr. Bourdon, Mr. De Champagne, Mr. Perrault, &c. On some of The most celebrated Pictures of Raphael, Titian, Paulo Veronese, Poussin, &c. In Which The Method of forming a Judgment on Paintings, is laid down with the greatest Elegance and Perspicuity. - Translated from the French of Felibien. With a curious Preface. - - London: 1740.   
Mosnier, Pierre   The History Of Painting, Sculpture, Architecture, Graving; And Of those who have Excell'd in them: In Three Books. Containing their Rise, Progress, Decay, and Revival; With an Account Of the most considerable Productions of the best Artists in all Ages: And how to distinguish the true and regular Performances, from those that are otherwise. - By P. Monier, Painter to the French King, and Professor of Painting, and Sculpture in the Royal Academy at Paris. - - London: [1699]   
Algarotti, Francesco, count   An Essay On Painting Written In Italian By Count Algarotti F.R.S. F.S.A. - [Epigraph] - - London [1764]   
Cole, Sir Henry   Felix Summerly's Hand Book For The National Gallery With Reminiscences Of The Most Celebrated Pictures Drawn From The Originals By John, James, And William Linnell. - London 1843.   
Heller, Joseph   Lucas Cranachs Leben und Werke von Joseph Heller. - Bamberg 1821.   
James, John Thomas, bishop of Calcutta   The Flemish Dutch And German Schools Of Painting - By The Rev J T James - London [1822]   
Van Worrell, A. B.   Van Worrell's Tableau Of The Dutch And Flemish Painters Of The Old School. - Dedicated, By Permission, To His Majesty. - - London: 1832.   
Descamps, Jean Baptiste   La Vie Des Peintres Flamands, Allemands Et Hollandois, Avec Des Portraits Gravés en Taille-douce, une indication de leurs principaux Ouvrages, & des Réflexions sur leurs différentes manieres. Par M. J.B. Descamps, Peintre, Membre de l'Académie Royale des Sciences, Belle-Lettres & Arts de Rouen, & Professeur de l'Ecole du Dessein de la même Ville. Tome Premier. (- Quatrieme.) - A Paris [1753 - 1763]   
Houbraken, Arnold   De Groote Schouburgh Der Nederlantsche Konstschilders En Schilderessen. Waar van 'er vele met hunne Beeltenissen ten Tooneel verschynen, en hun levensgedrag en Konstwerken beschreven worden: zynde een vervolg op het Schilderboek van K. v. Mander. Door Arn. Houbraken. I. Deel. (Het II. Deel. 'T welk zyn aanvang neemt met het Jaar 1613, en vervolgt met die Konstschilders welker geboorte in dien tusschentyd tot het Jaar 1635 voorgevallen is. Door Arnold. Houbraken.) - T'Amsterdam, - 1718.(-1719.)   
Views In London And Its Vicinity, Complete In Forty-Eight Plates, Engraved On Copper, By George Cooke, From Drawings By Callcott, R.A. Stanfield, A.R.A. Prout. Roberts. Stark. Harding. Cotman. Havell. &c. &c. After The Original Sketches Made On The Spot By Edward W. Cooke.   - London: (1834.)   
Callcott, Maria   Description Of The Chapel Of The Annunziata Dell'Arena; Or, Giotto's Chapel, In Padua. By Mrs. Callcott. - London: [1835]   
Sir Augustus Wall Callcott's Italian & English Landscapes. Lithographed by T.C. Dibdin.   - London 1847.   
Ehrenström, Marianne d'   Notices Sur La Littérature Et Les Beaux-Arts En Suède, Par Marianne d/Ehrenström. - Stockholm. 1826.   
Waagen, Gustav Friedrich   Ueber Hubert und Johann van Eyck. Von Dr. Gustav Friedrich Waagen, correspondirendem Mitgliede der Königlich Bayerischen Akademie der Wissenschaften. - Breslau. 1822.   
Hegner, Ulrich   Hans Holbein der Juengere. Von Ulrich Hegner. - Mit des Meisters Bildnisse. - Berlin 1827.   
Rumohr, Karl Friedrich von   Hans Holbein der jüngere, in seinem Verhältniss zum deutschen Formschnittwesen. Von C. Fr. v. Rumohr. - Leipzig 1836.   
Förster, Carl August   Rafael. Kunst und Kuenstlerleben, in Gedichten von Karl Foerster. - Mit Kupfern nach Gemaelden von Rafael. - Leipzig 1827.   
Notices Of The Life And Works Of Titian.   - London: 1829.   
Ticozzi, Stefano   Vite Dei Pittori Vecellj Di Cadore Libri Quattro Di Stefano Ticozzi. - Milano 1817.   
Watelet, Claude-Henri   Dictionnaire Des Arts De Peinture, Sculpture Et Gravure. Par M. Watelet, de l'Académie Française, Honoraire de l'Académie Royale de Peinture & Sculpture; & M. Lévesque, de l'Académie des Inscriptions & Belles-Lettres, Aggrégé à L'Académie des Beaux-Arts de Saint-Petersbourg. Tome Premier. (- Cinquieme.) - A Paris [1792]   
Raccolta Di Lettere Sulla Pittura Scultura Ed Architettura Scritte Da' più celebri Professori che in dette Arti fiorirono dal Secolo XV. al XVII. (Tomo II.) (Tomo III.)   - In Roma [1754 (- 1759)]   
A Descriptive Catalogue Of The Portraits In The Collection Of John, Duke Of Bedford, K.G. At Woburn Abbey. [Epigraph]   - London: [1834]   
Jameson, Anna Brownell   A Handbook To The Public Galleries Of Art In And Near London. With Catalogues of the Pictures, Accompanied By Critical, Historical, And Biographical Notices, And Copious Indexes To Facilitate Reference. By Mrs. Jameson. In Two Parts. Part I. Containing Introduction. National Gallery. Windsor Castle. (Part II. Containing Hampton Court. Dulwich Gallery. Barry's Pictures. Soane's Museum.) - London: 1842.   
Bardwell, Thomas   The Practice Of Painting Made Easy: In which is contained, The Art Of Painting In Oil, With The Method Of Colouring, Under The Heads Of First Painting, or Dead-colouring; - Second Painting; - Third or Last Painting; - Painting Back-grounds; - On Copying; - Drapery, and Landschape Painting. By T. Bardwell, Painter. - London: [1782]   
Waagen, Gustav Friedrich   Works Of Art And Artists In England. By G.F. Waagen, Director Of The Royal Gallery At Berlin. Three Volumes. Volume I. The British Museum. Windsor Castle. The National Gallery. Devonshire House. Mr. Wilkins. Duke Of Devonshire's Villa, Chiswick. (- Volume III. ...) - London: [1838]   
Letters From A Young Painter Abroad To His Friends In England. Adorned with Copper Plates. [Epigraph.] Vol. I. The Second Edition. (Vol. II.)   - London: [1750]   
Fisgrave, Anthony   Midas; Or, A Serious Inquiry Concerning Taste And Genius; Including A Proposal For The Certain Advancement Of The Elegant Arts. To Which Is Added, By Way Of Illustration, A Fragment Of Ancient History. By Anthony Fisgrave, Ll. D. - London: 1808.   
Quatremère de Quincy, Antoine-Chrysostome   The Destination Of Works Of Art And The Use To Which They Are Applied, Considered With Regard To Their Influence On The Genius And Taste Of Artists, And The Sentiment Of Amateurs. [Epigraph] Translated From The French By Henry Thomson, R.A. - London: 1821.   
National Gallery (London)   A Descriptive Catalogue Of The Pictures In The National Gallery, With Critical Remarks On Their Merits. By Wm. Young Ottley, F.A.S. Member Of The Society Of Arts And Sciences At Utrecht, And Author Of 'The Italian School Of Design,' &c. In Three Parts. I. The Angerstein Collection. II. The Collection Presented By Sir G. Beaumont, Bart. III. Pictures Recently Added To The Gallery. - London: 1826.   
Dolce, Ludovico   Aretin: Or, A Dialogue On Painting. From the Italian of Lodovico Dolce. - Glasgow: [i.e. 1770.]   
The Life Of Raffaello Sanzio Da Urbino: By The Author Of The Life Of Michael Angelo. And The Characters Of The Most Celebrated Painters Of Italy: By Sir Joshua Reynolds.   - London: [1816]   
Shee, Martin Archer, P.R.A.   Elements Of Art, A Poem; In Six Cantos; With Notes And A Preface; Including Strictures On The State Of The Arts, Criticism, Patronage, And Public Taste. By Martin Archer Shee, R.A. - London: 1809.   
Fiorillo, Johann Dominicus   Geschichte der Künste und Wissenschaften seit der Wiederherstellung derselben bis an das Ende des achtzehnten Jahrhunderts. Von einer Gesellschaft gelehrter Männer ausgearbeitet. Zweyte Abtheilung. Geschichte der zeichnenden Künste. I. Geschichte der Mahleren von J.D. Fiorillo. Erster Band. (-Sechster band.) - Göttingen 1798. (-1808.)   
Bryan, Michael   A Biographical And Critical Dictionary Of Painters And Engravers, From The Revival Of Art Under Cimabue, And The Alledged Discovery Of Engraving By Finiguerra, To The Present Time: With The Ciphers, Monograms, And Marks, Used By Each Engraver; And An Ample List Of Their Principal Works. Together With Two Indexes, Alphabetical And Chronological. To Which Is Prefixed, An Introduction, Containing A Brief Account of the Painters of Antiquity. By Michael Bryan. In Two Volumes. Vol. I. (II.) - London: 1816.   
Millin de Grandmaison, Aubin Louis   Dictionnaire Des Beaux-Arts, Par A.L. Millin, Membre de l'Institut, Conservateur des Médailles, des Antiques et des Pierres gravées de la Bibliothèque impériale, Professeur d'antiquités, etc. etc. Cet ouvrage fait partie de ceux adoptés par le Gouvernement pour la formation des Bibliothèques des Lycées. Tome I. (-III.) - A Paris [1806.]   
Boschini, Marco   Le Ricche Minere Della Pittura Veneziana. Compendiosa informazione Di Marco Boschini Non solo delle Pitture publiche di Venezia: ma dell'Isole ancora circonvicine. Al Serenissimo Prencipe E Regal Collegio Di Venezia. - In Venezia [1674]   
James, John Thomas, bishop of Calcutta   The Italian Schools Of Painting With Observations On The Present State Of The Art - By The Rev J T James - London 1820   
Rio, Alexis-François   De La Poésie Chrétienne Dans Son Principe, Dans Sa Matière Et Dans Ses Formes; par A.-F. Rio. Forme De L'Art, Seconde Partie. - Paris 1836.   
Lamotte, Charles   An Essay Upon Poetry and Painting, With Relation to the Sacred and Profane History. With An Appendix Concerning Obscenity in Writing and Painting. By Charles Lamotte, D.D. F.R.S. Member of the Society of Antiquaries, and Chaplain to his Grace the Duke of Montague. - London: [1730]   
Denmark. Sovereign (1746-1766: Frederick V)   The Charter Given Unto The Royal Danish Academy Of Painting, Sculpture And Architecture In Copenhagen. - [Copenhagen] 1758.   
Sketches Of The Lives Of Correggio, And Parmegiano.   - London: 1823.   
Callcott, Maria   Memoirs Of The Life Of Nicholas Poussin. By Maria Graham, Author Of A Journal Of A Tour In India, &c. &c. - London: 1820.   
The Royal Gallery Of British Art.   - London: [ca. 1851?]   
The Royal Gallery Of British Art.   - London: [ca. 1851?]   
Passavant, Johann David   Rafael Von Urbino Und Sein Vater Giovanni Santi Von J.D. Passavant. In Zwei Theilen Mit Vierzehn Abbildungen. Erster Theil. (Zweiter Theil.) - Leipzig: 1839.   
An Essay On Design: Including Proposals for Erecting a Public Academy To be Supported by Voluntary Subscriptions (Till a Royal Foundation can be obtain'd) For Educating the British Youth In Drawing, And the several Arts depending thereon . [Epigraph from Horace]   - London [1749]   
FAR/1/5    Declaration of the independence of the Council of the Royal Academy with proceedings of the General Assembly upon it    [1803]    Item   
CA/10    Notes by Augustus Wall Callcott on British private collections    [c.1824-36]    File   
CA/4    [Maria Callcott], to [unknown]    19 May [1840]    Item   
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AND/25/92    Manuscript sale catalogue of works by Sir Augustus Wall Callcott    12 May 1845    Item   
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AND/22/85    John Martin, 112 Mount Street, to Samuel Rogers    3 Nov 1834    Item   
AND/21/205    Pages 49 and 50 of the 1831 Academy catalogue    1831    Item   
AND/20/221a    Sales catalogue cutting    [c.1870]    Item   
AND/19/207    A.W. Callcott, to Mr. Smith, Print Seller, Leicester    [c.1825-30]    Item   
AND/18/29    Anderdon's notes on 1821 exhibits #171 to #194    [c.1870]    Item   
AND/17/116    Newspaper cutting, from the [British Press]    [10 May 1819]    Item   
AND/16/100    Admission ticket for an Academy lecture    8 Dec 1817    Item   
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AND/15/128    Fragment of a Sale Catalogue    [c.1860]    Item   
AND/13/120    Newspaper cutting, an incomplete critique of the 1807 Academy exhibition    1807    Item   
JU/11/327    Gilbert Newton [to Sir Augustus Wall Callcott]    c. 1830    Item   
JU/6/144    A W Callcott, to Lady Palgrave    Apr 1840    Item   
LAW/5/308    Penry Williams, Vicolo de' Greci, No.1, via del Babuino, Rome    17 Feb 1829    Item   
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LAW/1/232    T. L[awrence], to Joseph Farington, Marlborough Buildings, Bath    29 Jan 1810    Item   
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RAA/GA/1/4    General Assembly minutes, vol. 4    10 Feb 1826 - 10 Dec 1841    Item