Robert Wood

Born: 1717
Died: 1771
Scholar, antiquarian, traveller.
Works of Art: 0
Books: 3
Archives: 2
Wood, Robert   The Ruins Of Palmyra, Otherwise Tedmor, In The Desart. - London: [1753]   
Wood, Robert   The Ruins of Balbec, Otherwise Heliopolis in Coelosyria. - London: [1757]   
Society of Dilettanti (London)   Ionian Antiquities, Published By Order Of The Society Of Dilettanti. - London: [1769 (-1915)]   
CHA/1/7    Ja. Murray, Rome, to William Chambers, architect, London    17 Mar 1759    Item   
CHA/1/5    Robert Wood, Cleveland Row, to William Chambers, near the Seven Stars, Branford Butts    22 Aug 175[7]    Item