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Lucas, Richard Cockle   Remarks On The Parthenon: Being The Result Of Studies And Inquiries Connected With The Production Of Two Models Of That Noble Building, Each Twelve Feet In Length, And Near Six In Width. The One, Exhibiting The Temple As It Appeared In Its Dilapidated State, In The Seventeenth Century, And Executed From The Existing Remains, Or From Authentic Drawings; The Other, Being An Attempt To Restore It To The Fulness Of Its Original Beauty And Splendour. - Also, A Brief View Of The Statements And Opinions Of the principal Writers on the Subject: Viz., Spon And Wheler, Stuart And Revett, Visconti, Quatremere De Quincy, Col. Leake, The Chevalier Brondsted, Professor Cockerell, Mr. E. Hawkins, Professor Welcker, &c. - By R.C. Lucas, Sculptor. - [Epigraph] - - Salisbury: [1845]