John Gay

Born: 1685
Died: 1732
Poet, and playwright.
Works of Art: 0
Books: 2
Archives: 1
Gay, John   Fables by John Gay, with a life of the author, and embellished with a plate to each fable. - London : 1793   
Ovid   Ovid's Metamorphoses In Latin And English, Translated By The Most Eminent Hands. With Historical explications Of the Fables, Written In French By The Abbot Banier Member Of The Academy Of Inscriptions And Belles Lettres. Translated Into English. Adorned with Sculptures, by B. Picart, and other able Masters. Volume The First. (Second.) - Amsterdam: [1732]   
LAW/4/117    V.L., Milan, to [Thomas Lawrence]    15 Apr 1823    Item