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FU/1 Letters from Henry Fuseli c. 1800-1824
                        >FU/1/1 [Henry] Fuseli, London, to William Lock Junr. 11 Aug 1800
Reference CodeFU/1/1
Title[Henry] Fuseli, London, to William Lock Junr.
Date11 Aug 1800
Extent & Medium1 piece, 2pp.
Historical BackgroundFuseli's Milton Gallery opened on 20 May 1799. It closed in its second season, after four months of disappointment, on 18 July 1800. Angerstein bought "the Satan" at Lock's recommendation. The work is now lost. The letter perhaps contains a reference to James Wyatt, PRA.
Content DescriptionFuseli feels that it may be expected, and necessary, that he should correct the pictures that were sent to Mr Angerstein. He therefore desires, addressing himself through Lock to Mr Lock, to be informed when he can be admitted for that purpose with the least inconvenience to Mr Angerstein's arrrangements. The greater part of Fuseli's exhibition [the Milton Gallery], which he calls the rejected family of a silly father, "are now again rolled up, Or packed together against the Walls of my Study to be Seasoned for dust, the worm, and oblivion." He quotes Suetonius [Life of Otho, 7]: "Ti gar moi kai macrois aulois?" [transliterated from the Greek; meaning "With long pipes what concern have I?, a proverbial expression for undertaking something beyond one's powers] and comments that he had been punished for obtaining his wish. However, Fuseli asks Lock whether he thinks it quite impracticable to persuade Angerstein to accept his 'Deluge' ['The Vision of the Deluge'], which was not quite so wide as the smaller picture in Angerstein's possession and if placed on the other side of the Satan ['Satan starting at the touch of Ithuriel's spear'], while it would be less honourable to Fuseli than the company of Rubens, would be more in tune with the rest. Fuseli concludes by congratulating Lock on his impending marriage.
BibliographyWeinglass, p. 217f.
NoteAddressed to Lock at Norbury Park, near Leatherhead, Surrey.