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MAR/3 Typescript transcriptions of letters written by William Calder Marshall [1836-1838]
                        >MAR/3/5 William Calder Marshall, Rome, to his mother 29 Nov 1836
Reference CodeMAR/3/5
TitleWilliam Calder Marshall, Rome, to his mother
Date29 Nov 1836
Extent & Medium8 pieces
Content DescriptionHe has begun a group, Nymph surprising Cupid, Wyatt and Macdonald have seen it. The family of Mrs. Overend have been kind to him and are sitting to him, he has completed the bust of a boy. He also has tea with the family of a Mr. Day. Provides an account of a Ball thrown by the Duchess of Torlonia. He also went to a musical party at Dr. Glog's. Dr. Glog turned Catholic in order to marry, many English turn Catholic too, he can't see why. Young Grant has also turned Catholic, is not well liked and has been unwell. Describes the procession of th Pope to the Sistine Chapel, all the English must take off their hats or bow, Allan's ignorance of the custom nearly lost him his life. Italians are "dangerous when irritated and very revengeful." He works in his studio during the day, the trattoria for dinner, then the Academy between half past six and half past nine to study the male model.

He has not seen much of Rome, but was taken to see the basilica of St. Paul Outside the Walls. Fragments of ancient sculpture everywhere, "All, all is ruin". Describes the forum, the Coloseum and the aquaducts, which have probably helped keep Rome cholera free. He is very disappointed with the appearance of Italian women. He has grown a moustache, "in conformity with the fashion of artists".