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TitleAbeille Italienne Recueil Des Meilleurs Ouvrages D'Arts Anciens Et Modernes Publié à Rome par l'Académie de Saint Luc, sous la direction du marquis Melchiorri Et En France Par M. Mastraca Texte Français Par M. H. Sandré Pour l'année 1842 - Ape Italiana Raccolta Delle Megliori Opere Di Arte Antiche E Moderne Publicata in Roma Dall'Academia Di San Luca sotto la direzione Del Marchese Melchiorri E In Francia Dal S. Mastraca - Testo Italiano Del S. Melchiorri Per L'Anno 1842 - The Italian Bee A Collection Of The Best Works Of Art Ancient And Modern Published at Rome By The Academy Of S. Luke under the direction Of The Marquis Melchiorri And In France By M. Mastraca - English Text By Mss Spry Bartlet For The Year 1842
ImprintParis: au bureau de l'Abeille Italienne (Ape Italiana) (Italian Bee), rue Neuve-Saint-Roch, 1, (1842), Typographie d'A. Laurant, à Lagny, près Paris.
Physical Description[82] p., [38] pl. (2 dble.); 482 mm.
Content Format Note[Half-t., t.p.] - Préface - [Pl., with texts].
Summary NoteThe Preface states, ' ... to present the creations of genius in painting and sculpture, as models of the sublime ... is perfectly answered by the present publication, which reproduces by engravings in outline ... the principal works ... The Italian Bee consequently becomes a school consecrated to the arts of drawing ... The Italian Bee ... not having been published up to this day in any other language than Italian ... the french edition offers a text in three languages, italian, french and english ...'.

Most of the works illustrated are paintings, but twelve are statues or bas-reliefs. They are of Christian, historical or mythological subjects. Captions and texts name the source-artists (who include non-Italians): Melozzo da Forlì, Olimpio Bandinelli, F. Duquesnoy, Perugino, B. Tisi 'Garofalo' (2 pl.), M. Kessels, Lud. Carracci, N. Sessa (2 pl.), A. Solà, D. Ricciardelli da Volterra, V. Camuccini, G. Crescenzo, Ann. Carracci, F. Podesti (2 pl.), P. Lemoine, C. Guerra, R. Rinaldi, D. Corradi (Ghirlandaio), F. Overbeck, Gius. Alvarez, G.B. Salvi (Sassoferrato), G.B. Wicar, I. Fraccaroli, S. Canarini da Pesaro, G. Silvagni, John Gibson, F. Agricola, L. Bienaimé, T. De Vivo, P. Cornelius, A. Thorwaldsen, Gugl. Schadow, P. Tenerani, Anna de Fraternich Salvotti Veronese, L. Sabatelli.
Responsibility NoteAll plates are signed with the names of source-artists, draughtsmen and engravers. The draughtsmen were 'Bo. & Bi.', 'Autore', Raffe. Bonajuti, Filo. Bigioli, Anto. Boldini, Franco. Pagliuolo, Paolo Guglielmi, Gaeto. Domenichini, Vincenzo Morani, Luigi Martelli, Vinc. Podesti, G.B. Borani, Gio. Thevenin, Vinco. Gozzini. The engravers were Franc. Garzoli, Gio. Batta. Gatti, Igno. Bonajuti, Filo. Cartoni, Franco. Pagliuolo, Gius. Marcucci, Carlo Biondi, Beniam. Del Vecchio, G. Wenzel, Achille calzi, Gioacc. Mitterpoch.

Each plate carries the imprint, 'L'Ape Italiana'.
SubjectChristian art and symbolism - Mythology, Greek
Paintings - Paintings, European - Paintings, Italian - History paintings - Sculpture, European - Sculpture, Italian - Italy - History
Pictorial works - France - 19th century
Binding Note19th-century half red morocco, marbled-papered boards; gilt-decorated spine lettered 'Abeille Italienne - Ape Italiana - The Italian Bee'.
Variant TitleApe Italiana
Italian Bee
Contributors Melchiorri, marchese, fl. ca. 1842?
Mastraca, fl. ca. 1842 - 1843?
Spry Bartlet, fl. ca. 1842 - 1843?, translator
Laurant, A., fl. ca. 1842?, printer
Sandré, H., fl. ca. 1842, translator
Accademia di San Luca (Rome)
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