Record number 05/3558
Author Dibdin, Thomas Frognall, 1776 - 1847
TitleAedes Althorpianae; Or An Account Of The Mansion, Books, And Pictures, At Althorp; The Residence Of George John Earl Spencer, K.G. To Which Is Added A Supplement To The Bibliotheca Spenceriana. By The Rev. Thomas Frognall Dibdin, F.R.S. S.A. Librarian To His Lordship.
ImprintLondon:: Printed By W. Nicol, Successor To W. Bulmer And Co. Shakspeare Press, And Sold By Payne And Foss, Longman, Hurst And Co. J. And A. Arch, R.H. Evans, R. Triphook, And John Major., 1822.
Physical Description2 vols.; 264 mm. (Octavo.)
Physical Description NoteVol. I: viii, [iv], lxii, 279, [1] p., frontis. (port.), [31] pl. (one fold.): [6] illus. The plate listed in the 'List Of Plates' as facing page lxii consists of two small prints pasted in. The last plate listed in the 'List Of Plates' is described as 'to face the title-page of Vol.II', but is bound in among the 31 pl. of Vol. I. - Vol. II:[4], 322 p.: illus.
Content Format NoteVol. I: [Frontis., t.p.] - Preface - Contents; Errata; Addition - List Of Plates To Volume I - [Text, with pl.]; [colophon]. - Vol. II: [T.p.] - Errata In Vol. II - [Text, with illus.]; [colophon].
Summary NoteThe second volume has a distinct title: 'Supplement To The Bibliotheca Spenceriana; Or A Descriptive Catalogue Of The Books Printed In The Fifteenth Century, In The Library Of George John Earl Spencer, K.G. By The Rev. Thomas Frognall Dibdin, F.R.S. S.A. Librarian To His Lordship'.

Publication-dates are carried by most plates in Volume I. Most are dated 1822; but one carries the date 1821, and eleven that of 1820.

The text of the first volume consists of short accounts of 'The Proprietors Of Althorp' and of the hall, dining room, drawing room, library, staircase, picture gallery and bedrooms of the house, describing their pictures. But the greater part of the volume (p.37-236) is an account of the contents of the library. Volume II consists entirely of a bibliography of fifteenth-century books. It is a supplement to Dibdin's Bibliotheca Spenceriana (4 v., 1814-15).

Of the plates in Volume I one is a folding plan of Althorp, four show external and interior views of the house, five reproduce paintings in the collection (from originals by Anguisciola, Cuyp, Raphael, Polenburg and Rembrandt), and the rest reproduce family portraits (from originals by T. Phillips, P. Lely, A. Kauffman, Dobson, G. Kneller, C. Jansen, J. Reynolds and A. More). The in-text illustrations show more views and reproductions of paintings. The numerous illustrations of Volume II show passages of text and illustrations (mostly woodcuts) of fifteenth-century books.
Responsibility NoteMost of the plates of Volume I carry the name of a draughtsman, and all except the folding plan of Althorp carry the name of an engraver. The draughtsmen were E. Blore, T. Uwins and R.W. Satchwell (in one case written as S.W. Satchwell). The engravers were W. Finden, W. Woolnoth, W. Skelton, Bocquet, C. Picart, M.S. Bavenger, Thompson, J. Fittler, Worthington, J. Mitan, Edwd. Scriven, W.T. Fry, S. Freeman, W. Holl, T. Wright, I.H. Robinson, I. Scott. Of the six in-text illustrations of Volume I one is signed by the draughtsman G. Lewis, and the six are signed by their engravers, P. Audinet, Geo. Cooke, M.S. Barenger, I. Scott and Hesse. The numerous in-text illustrations of Volume II are unsigned, apart from one, which carries the name of the engraver S.F. Freeman.

Most plates carry the imprint, 'Published for Rev. T.F. Dibdin' and 'Printed by Lahee'.

The colophons of both volumes repeat the name of the printer, W. Nicol.
SubjectPictures - Books
Collections - Libraries - Country Houses - Great Britain - Northamptonshire - Althorp - History - 19th century
Catalogues - Bibliographies - Guidebooks - Great Britain - 19th century
Pictorial works - Great Britain - 19th century
Name as Subject Spencer, George John Spencer, 2nd Earl, 1701 - 1834
ReferencesD.A. Stoker, 'Thomas Frognall Dibdin', in Nineteenth-century British book-collectors and bibliographers, ed. W. Baker and K. Womack (1997), p.69-80; A. Lister, 'The Althorp library of second Earl Spencer, now in the John Ryland University Library of Manchester: its formation and growth', in Bulletin of the John Rylands University Library of Manchester, 71:2 (1989), p.67-86; A. Lister, 'George John, 2nd earl Spencer and his "librarian", Thomas Frognall Dibdin', in Bibliophily, ed. R. Myers and M. Morris (1986); E.J. O'Dwyer, Thomas Frognall Dibdin, bibliographer and bibliomaniac extraordinary, 1776-1847 (1967).
Binding Note19th-century brown morocco, upper and lower covers carrying gilt borders; gilt-decorated spines, lettered 'Dibdin's Aedes Althorpianae Vol. I. (II.)', 'R.A.' and 'MDCCCXXII.'
Variant TitleAccount Of The Mansion, Books, And Pictures, At Althorp
Supplement To The Bibliotheca Spenceriana
Bibliotheca Spenceriana
Contributors Nicol, William, fl. 1800after 1855, printer
Triphook, Robert, fl. 1809 - 1833, publisher
Evans, Robert Harding, 1777 - 1857, publisher
Major, John, 1782 - 1849, publisher
Blore, Edward, 1787 - 1879, draughtsman
Uwins, Thomas, R.A., 1782 - 1857, draughtsman
Satchwell, R. W., fl. ca. 1807 - 1822?, draughtsman
Finden, William, 1787 - 1852, engraver
Woolnoth, William, ca. 1770 - 1836?, engraver
Skelton, William, 1763 - 1848, engraver
Bocquet, E., fl. ca. 1810 - 1822?, engraver
Picart, Charles, ca. 1780 - ca. 1837, engraver
Thompson, John, 1785 - 1866, engraver
Fittler, James, A.R.A., 1758 - 1835, engraver
Worthington, J., fl. ca. 1810 - 1831?, engraver
Mitan, James, 1776 - 1822, engraver
Scriven, Edward, 1775 - 1841, engraver
Fry, William Thomas, 1789 - 1843, engraver
Freeman, Samuel, 1773 - 1857, engraver
Holl, William, the elder, 1771 - 1838, engraver
Robinson, John Henry, R.A., 1796 - 1871
Scott, John, 1774 - 1827, engraver
Lewis, draughtsman
Audinet, Philip, 1766 - 1837, engraver
Cooke, George, 1781 - 1834, engraver
Barenger, M. S., fl. ca. 1818 - 1831?, engraver
Hesse, fl. ca. 1822?, engraver
Payne, Thomas, 1752 - 1831, publisher
Foss, Henry, before 1806 - 1868, publisher
Wright, Thomas, 1792 - 1849, engraver
Payne and Foss (London). publisher
Longman, Hurst and Company (London). publisher
John and Arthur Arch. publisher
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