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TitleVarie Fabriche Antiche, e Moderne della Città di Verona, con alcune Statue, e Busti della Galleria Bevilacqua Al Merito Sovragrande Degli Illustrissimi Signori Proveditori Co. Girolamo Orti, Manara Co. Alessandro Pompei In segno d'Umilissimo rispetto Dionisio Valesi D.D.D.
Physical Description24, [1] pl.; 435 mm.
Physical Description NoteSeveral numbered plates carry two or more prints - giving a total of 45 prints.
Content Format Note[Pl. I = incl. dedic.] - [Pl. II-XXIV] - Indice delle Carte contenute nel Libro
Summary NotePlates II-XXIV carry captions and are also described in the Indice delle Carte. They show: 2. map of Verona, Ponte del Castel Vecchio, Gran Guardia; 3. view and plan of the Arena; 4. 'Gaviorum Arcus'; 5. ancient 'Portae' at Foro Giudiciale; 6. [missing from the Royal Academy's copy but described in the Indice as 'Porta antica della Città, con l'uso delle due Porte ... de' Borsari']; 7. Porta Nuova, Porta del Palio, by Sanmicheli; 8. Bastions by Sanmicheli; 9. Canossa, Bevilacqua, Pellegrini palazzi, by Sanmicheli; 10. Pompei, Verzi palazzi by Sanmicheli, Palazzo Maffei by Rom. Pellegrini; 11. Verona Museum or Lapidario, by A. Pompei; 12. Capella in S. Bernardino, by Sanmicheli; 13. altar by Sanmicheli in the church of St. George, with Pala by Paolo Veronese; 14. Fiera; 15. Dogana, by A. Pompei; 16.-18. Arca di Can Grande / Mastino / Signorio, Della Scala rulers; 19. Mausoleum of Giano Fregolo, by Danese Cattaneo; 20.-23. Galleria Bevilacqua: busts of Augustus, Livia, Tiberius, Trajan; Hadrian, Lucius Verus, Commodus, Septimius Severus; Caracalla, Antinous, Julia Pia and a statue of Bacchus; bronze bust of Socrates, statues of Pan and Endymion; 24. new Teatro Filarmonico.

Some time after 1756 an expanded version of this work was published, having six additional plates and with the words 'non che del Museo Muselliano' added to the title (but with the date left as 1753).
Responsibility NoteMost plates are unsigned by a draughtsman, but pl. II and VII are signed as drawn by Saverio Avesan Publico Ingegnere, and most prints on pl. XX-XXIII are signed as drawn by G.B. Tiepolo. Most of the latter group are also signed as engraved by A. Zucchi or Fr. Zucchi, and Fr. Zucchi's name as engraver appears also on pl. IV, V, VII, XI; the other plates are not signed by an engraver.
SubjectArchitecture - Italy - Veneto - Verona - History
Sculpture, Roman - Statues - Busts - Portraits - Italy - Veneto - Verona
Collections - Italy - Veneto - Verona - 18th century
Views - Plans - Elevations - Sections - Italy - 18th century
Pictorial works - Italy - 18th century
Name as Subject Bevilacqua, family
Sanmicheli, Michele, 1484? - 1559
Pompei, Alessandro, conte, 1705 - 1772
ReferencesRIBA, Early printed, 4 (2001), no.3387 [describing a later, expanded edition].

P. Davies, 'Sanmicheli through British eyes', in English architecture public and private, ed. J. Bold (1993), p.121-34;.
Copy NoteImperfect: lacks plate VI.
Binding Note19th-century half calf, marbled-papered boards; gilt-decorated spine, black morocco spine-label lettered 'Verona'.
ProvenanceThe title-plate is inscribed in pencil, 'Bequest of P. Hoare Esqr. G.J. 1836'.
Contributors Valesi, Dionigi, ca. 1730 - ca. 1780
Orti, Girolamo, proveditore of Verona, fl. ca. 1753?, dedicatee
Pompei, Alessandro, conte, 1705 - 1772, dedicatee
Avesan, Saverio, 1690 -, draughtsman
Tiepolo, Giovanni Battista, 1696 - 1770, draughtsman
Zucchi, Antonio, A.R.A., 1726 - 1795, engraver
Zucchi, Francesco, 1692 - 1764, engraver
Hoare, Prince, 1755 - 1834, previous owner, donor
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