Record number 06/1553
TitleLe appresso sei istorie appartengono alla celebre Cappella dell'estinta famiglia Brancacci nella nuova Chiesa del Carmine di Firenze, preservata dalle fiamme ...del di 28 Gennaio 1771. Le medesime furono dipinte dal celebratissimo Tommaso Guidi detto volgarte. Masaccio ... per dare al Pubblico come un picol saggio di esse per sodisfazione de dilettanti, e dedicate a S.E. Il Sigr. Principe Don Lorenzo Corsini ... Tommaso Piroli Incisore
Imprint[S.l.:: s.n., after 1771.]
Physical, [6] pl.; 338×550 mm.
Physical Description NoteThe plates are pasted in.
Summary NoteNo publication-date is given on the title-plate or any other plate; but the title-plate mentions the fire of 1771.

The work describes the frescoes in the Brancacci chapel in the church of Sta Maria del Carmine, Florence; which were painted by Masaccio and Masolino ca. 1425-8, and completed by Filippino Lippi in the late 1480s. The frescoes consist of twelve images of Biblical narratives, two showing the story of Adam and Eve and their expulsion from paradise as related in Genesis, the rest showing actions of the Apostles Peter and Paul as related in the Acts of the Apostles.

The plates are not captioned.
Responsibility NoteThe title-plate is unsigned. Plates [1-6] are signed as painted by Masaccio and engraved by Piroli, apart from pl. [3], which carries the name of Masaccio but not that of Piroli, and pl. [4], which carries that of Piroli but not that of Masaccio.
SubjectChristian art and symbolism - Patriarchs - Apostles - Saints - Iconography
Paintings, Italian - Frescoes - Mural painting and decoration - Churches - Chapels - Italy - Tuscany - Florence - Santa Maria del Carmine - Brancacci Chapel - History - 15th century - Renaissance
Pictorial works - Italy - 19th century
Bible O.T. Genesis
Bible N.T. Acts
Name as Subject Masolino, 1383 - after 1435
Masaccio, 1401 - 1428
Lippi, Filippino, ca. 1457 - 1504
Brancacci, Felice, 1382 - between 1449 and 1455
Adam (Biblical figure)
Eve (Biblical figure)
Peter, the Apostle, Saint, ca. 64
Paul, the Apostle, Saint, 0064
Piroli, Tommaso, ca. 1752 - 1824
ReferencesT. Borenius, 'The rediscovery of the Primitives', in Quarterly Review, 239 (1923 April), p.258-70; C. von Klenze, 'The growth of interest in early Italian masters from Tischbein to Ruskin', in Modern philology, 4 (1906), p.207-74.
Binding Note19th-century marbled-papered boards, 20th-century half calf, red morocco spine-label lettered 'Don Lorenzo Corsini'.
Contributors Masolino, 1383 - after 1435, source artist
Masaccio, 1401 - 1428, source artist
Lippi, Filippino, ca. 1457 - 1504, source artist
Piroli, Tommaso, ca. 1752 - 1824, engraver
Corsini, Lorenzo, Prince, dedicatee
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