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Author Richardson, Charles James, 1806 - 1871
TitleStudies Of Ornamental Design. By C.J. Richardson, M.R.I.B.A., F.S.A. One of the Evening Masters of the Head Government School Of Design, Somerset House. Author of "Studies Of Old English Mansions, Gold And Silver Plate, Furniture, &c." "Architectural Remains of the Reigns of Elizabeth and James I." "&c."
ImprintLondon.: Published By John Weale, Architectural Library, 59, High Holborn. For C.J. Richardson., 1851.
Physical Description2 vols. in one; 580 mm.
Physical Description NoteVol. I: [5] f., engr., engr. dedic., [8] pl. - Vol. II: [2] f., frontis., engr., engr. dedic., [7] pl. (In the Royal Academy's copy the frontis., although described in the 'Description of the Plates' of Vol. II., has been bound in at the beginning of Vol. I.)
Content Format NoteVol. I: [Frontis.,, engr. dedic.] - Preface - Description Of The Plates - [Plates]. - Vol. II: [, engr. dedic.] - Description Of The Plates] - [Plates].
Summary NoteThe second part has its own title-plate and dedication, but its title-plate carries no imprint. The publication-date of 1851 is carried by the title-plate of Volume I, but several plates carry dates and these are all earlier - 1847 October (I: 5, II: 4, 5), November (I: 1, II: 7), 1848 January (I: 6), May (I: 7), July (I: 2), 1849 October (II: 1, 2), 1850 October (II: 6).

C.J. Richardson was best known as an enthusiastic admirer of Renaissance design in Tudor Britain, but here he casts his net more widely.

The plates are captioned, and show: (Vol. I.) [1, 2]. Transverse and longitudinal sections of Teatro Farnese, Parma, by G.B. Aleotti; [3]. Stuccoes from Villa Pamphili, Rome; [4]. Ceiling frescoes by Albani from Palazzo Verospi, Rome; [5]. Jewel embroidery in old Italian style; [6]. Old English diapers; [7]. Blue and white glass vase from Pompeii; [8]. Silver statuettes designed by T. Stothard; (Vol. II.) [1]. Arabesque panel by T. Stothard from Buckingham Palace; [2]. Ceiling of Sala di Cambio, Perugia, by Perugino and pupils; [3]. Chalice from S. Domingo's church, Perugia; [4]. German appliqué; [5] Appliqué pattern; [6] Gallery ceiling, Blickling, Norfolk; [7]. Elizabethan architecture, fireplaces, Aston Hall, Warwickshire. The frontispiece shows Persian textile designs. The title-plate of Vol. I. shows a cast of a 16th-century dish. The first border of the Preface shows Roman cups &c.; the second, a Roman figurine and sketches by Stothard.

Most plates are tinted lithographs; several are printed in full color.
Responsibility NoteParts of the text are signed as written by Arthur Ashpitel or M. Digby Wyatt.

In Volume I the title-plate and engraved dedication are unsigned. The frontispiece and plates are signed as drawn by C.J. Richardson (pl. [1-4, 6]), Pietro Martorana (pl. [7]) or Thomas Stothard (pl. [8]) (but the frontis. and pl. [5] are not signed by a draughtsman), and as engraved by W. Butler (pl. [1, 2]) or lithographed by C.J. Richardson (pl. [3, 4, 6, 7]), F. Bedford under the direction of C.J. Richardson (frontis.) or T. Picken (pl. [8]) (pl. [5] is unsigned by engraver or lithographer). All except pl. [5] are also signed as printed by Day & Son (frontis., pl. 1-4, 8]) or McLean & Co. (pl. [6, 7]). Five plates also carry the publisher's imprint of C.J. Richardson and the date (pl. [1, 2, 5, 6, 7]). The first border of the Preface is signed as printed by McLean & Co.; the second is stated in the 'Description Of The Plates' to have been drawn by Thomas Stothard, and is signed as printed by Day & Son.

In Volume II the engraved dedication is unsigned. The other plates are signed as drawn by C.J. Richardson (frontis. and pl. [4-7]), Thomas Stothard (pl. [1]) or M. Digby Wyatt (pl. [2, 3]), lithographed by Vinter (pl. [1]), J. Sliegh [i.e. John Sleigh?] (pl. [2]), F. Bedford under the direction of C.J. Richardson (pl. [3]), or C.J. Richardson (pl. [4, 5, 7]) (the title-plate and pl. [6] are unsigned by a lithographer), and as printed by Day & Son (frontis., pl. [1-3, 6, 7]) or McLean & Co. (pl. [4, 5]). Most also carry the publisher's imprint of C.J. Richardson and the date.

The two volumes are dedicated by Charles James Richardson to Prince Albert (vol. I) and Lord Granville, Vice President of the Board of Trade (vol. II).
SubjectArchitecture - Theatres - Italy - Emilia Romagna - Parma - Teatro Farnese - History - 17th century
Stuccoes - Frescoes - Ceilings - Interior decoration - Italy - Great Britain - History
Textiles - Embroidery - Designs - Italy - Iran - Great Britain - History
Glassware - Sculpture - Rome - History
Silver - Chalices - Italy - Umbria - Perugia - History
Art history - Pattern books - Great Britain - 19th century
Pictorial works - Lithographs - Chromolithographs - Colour printing - Great Britain - 19th century
Name as Subject Richardson, Charles James, 1806 - 1871
ReferencesM. Girouard, 'Attitudes to Elizabethan architecture 1600-1900', in Concerning architecture, ed. J. Summerson (1968), p.13-27.
Binding Note20th-century red cloth; spine lettered 'Ornamental Designs - Richardson', 'R.A.' and '1851'.
Contributors Weale, John, 1791 - 1862, publisher
Richardson, Charles James, 1806 - 1871, draughtsman, lithographer, publisher
Martorana, Pietro, 1705 - 1759, draughtsman
Stothard, Thomas, R.A., 1755 - 1834, draughtsman
Butler, William, 1824 - 1870, engraver
Bedford, Francis, 1816 - 1894, lithographer
Picken, Thomas, fl. 1851 - 1879, lithographer
Wyatt, Matthew Digby, 1820 - 1877, draughtsman, author
Vinter, John Alfred, fl. 1828 - 1905, lithographer
Sleigh, John, fl. 1841 - 1872, lithographer
Albert, Prince, Consort of Victoria, Queen of Great Britain, 1819 - 1861, dedicatee
Granville, Granville George Leveson-Gower, 2nd Earl, 1815 - 1891, dedicatee
Ashpitel, Arthur, 1807 - 1869
Architectural Library (London). publisher
Day and Son. lithographic printer
McLean and Company (London). lithographic printer
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