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TitleThe Industrial Arts Of The Nineteenth Century. A Series Of Illustrations Of The Choicest Specimens Produced By Every Nation At The Great Exhibition Of Works Of Industry, 1851. Dedicated, By Permission, To His Royal Highness The Prince Albert, By M. Digby Wyatt, Architect. -
ImprintLondon:: Published By Day And Son, Lithographers To The Queen., MDCCCLI. (-1853.)
Physical Description5 vols.; 487 mm.
Physical Description NoteVol. I: viii, [64] p., pl. 1-32. - Vol. II: [iv], [64] p., pl. 33-64. - Vol. III: [64] p., pl. 65-[96]. - Vol. IV: [64] p., pl. 97-128. - Vol. V: [64], [iii-]xii, [2] p., pl. 129-158, [2].
Content Format NoteVol. I: [T.p., dedic.] - Introduction - [Plates and descriptive letterpress]. - Vol. II: [T.p., dedic.] - Plates and descriptive letterpress]. - Vols. III and IV: [Plates and descriptive letterpress]. - Vol. V: [Plates and descriptive letterpress] - [Two add. engr.] - Index - Postscript - Classified List Of Subjects.
Summary NoteThe publication-date of 1851 is carried by the title pages of volumes I and II (but in Vol. I. the publication-date of January 1852 is carried by pl. 25-32, and in Vol. II. all plates carry publication-dates of 1852 Feb-May). Volumes III-V have no title-pages but on their covers carry the publication-dates respectively of 1852 September (with plates carrying the dates of 1852 June - September), 1852 December (with plates carrying dates 1852 September - December) and 1853 March (with plates carrying dates 1852 December - 1853 March). The first of the added engraved title-plates in Volume V reads '... Published By Day & Son MDCCLI-II-III ... London, Published March 15th. 1853 ...'; the second, ' ... Vol. II. ... London, Published March 15th. 1853 ...'.

The work shows a selection of objects exhibited at the Great Exhibition of 1851; which had been conceived by Prince Albert as a means of stimulating British design, and was the first truly international exhibition (attracting some 14000 exhibitors from Britain, India and other parts of the British Empire and some 7000 foreign exhibitors). The 'Classified List Of Subjects' in Volume V divides them as 1. Sculpture; 2. Metal-Work; 3. Textiles, Fabrics, Lace, And Embroidery; 4. Porcelain, Glass And Earthenware; 5. Architectural Decoration, Furniture, Wood And Ivory Carving, Etc.; 6. Objects From India.

The plates are chromolithographs, using between seven and thirteen colours.
Responsibility NoteMost plates are captioned with the names of source artists - Kiss; Rietschel(l); Mansard; Michel L. Wettli; Zuloaga; Geerts; Minton; Vittoz; Sevres; John Gibson; Green, Bacchus, Apsley Pellatt; Coalbrookdale; Matifat; Campbell, Harrison & Lloyd; Vanner & Son; F. & C. Osler; Rauch; Depouilly; Hunt & Roskell; Greasely & Hopcroft; Marochetti; Wagner; Pietro Magni; Harrach; Skidmore; Hinchliffe; Winfield; March; Garrard; French; Drake; Trentanove; Batten; John Bell; Hoffman, Jerichau; Collard; Debay; Wallis; Thomas; R. Lees; Cruchon; Watherston & Brogden; Knecht; Erskine Beveridge; W. Woollams; John Thomas; Trollope; J.H. Foley; Jouhanneaud & Dubois; Elkington & Mason; Marochetti; Hardman; Broadwood; Chance & Wiles; Campbell, Harrison & Lloyd; Lewis & Allenby; Pugin; Crace; A. Carney; H.G. Woods; J. & A. Roxburgh; Froment Meurice; Bailey; Townsend & Parker; W. Leighton; Gough; Alfred Stevens; Mader Freres; G. Wastenholm; Heyman & Alexander; Birken; Woodriff, Magnus; Vechte; Lepage Moutier; Hardman; Morell; Webb; W. Naylor; J.G. Green; Rudolphi; Lebrun; Lusson, Gerente; Japuis; Matheron & Buvard; D. Evans; Stuart & Smith; Snell; Fourdinois; Hoole, Robson & Hoole; Rogers; Ackermann; Jackson & Graham; Winfield; Rafael Contreras; Myers; Morel; Jane Clarke; Copeland; Watson, Bell; Falloise; Mrs. Treadwin; Lienard, Pinquet Le Prince; Carl Leistler.

Most also carry the names of draughtsmen and lithographers and are signed as being under the direction of M. Digby Wyatt. The draughtsmen's signatures are those of J.A. Vinter, W.E. Pozzi, Fredk. Smallfield, J. Sliegh (or Sleigh), H. C. Pidgeon, H. Rafter, J. R. Clayton, H.N. Humphreys, H. Maye, P.H. Delamotte, J. Mahoney, Dalziel, Justyne (or Justine), F. Clayton, F. Bedford, W. Butler, R. Humphreys, A. Aglio, H.L. Michael (or L.H. Michael), A. Stevens, L. Hayes, Vechte. The lithographers' signatures are those of J.A. Vinter, F. Bedford, J. Sliegh, F. Moras, J. Mahoney, A. Warren, W. Underwood, F. Bauer, F. Cherval.

Each plate, except the first, carries the publishers' imprint of Day and Son and the date.

The two added engraved title-plates in Volume V are signed as drawn and lithographed by F. Bedford and carry the publishers' imprint of Day & Son with the date.

The dedications in Volumes I, II, are from M. Digby Wyatt to Prince Albert.
SubjectArts - Manufactures - History - 19th century
Exhibitions - Great Britain - London - 19th century
Pictorial works - Chromolithographs - Lithographs - Colour printing - Great Britain - 19th century
Great Exhibition London) (1851:
ReferencesJ.M. Friedman, Color Printing in England 1486 - 1870 [exhibition catalogue] (1978), no. 157-9, p.55.

On M.D. Wyatt see N. Pevsner, Matthew Digby Wyatt (1950). On the impact of the 1851 exhibition see H. Hobhouse, The Crystal palace and the Great Exhibition (2002); M. Leapman, The world for a shilling (2001); W. Walton, France at the Crystal Palace (1992); J.E. Findling, ed., Historical dictionary of world's fairs and exhibitions 1851 - 1988 (1990); P. Greenhalgh, Ephemeral vistas (1988); C.A. Bell-Knight, The Crystal Palace 1851 exhibition (1983); Yale Center for British Art, The Great Exhibition (1982); N. Pevsner, High Victorian design: a study of the exhibits of 1851 (1951); C.R. Fay, Palace of industry 1851 (1951); C.H. Gibbs-Smith, The Great Exhibition of 1851 [exhibition catalogue] (1950); Y. Ffrench, The Great Exhibition 1851 (1950).
Binding Note19th-century paper-covered boards, patterned in cream and mauve, upper and lower covers lettered 'Divis. 1st Xmas, 1851. (- 5th. March 1853) The Industrial Arts, Of The Nineteenth Century, By M. Digby Wyatt, Architect. Day & Son, Lithf To The Queen.'; rebacked in 20th century in red calf, spines lettered 'Wyatt - Industrial Arts Of The 19th Century - 1851 - Pls. 1-32 (- Pls. 129-158 - 1853)'.
ProvenanceThe front paste-down of Volume II carries a 19th-century armorial book-plate of someone not explicitly named. Purchased in 1868 (see 'Report on the Library', RA Annual Report for 1868, Appendix No. 6, p. 32, where what is clearly the present work is rather revealingly mis-described as 'Sir Digby Wyatt: Industrial Arts of the Middle Ages [!], 5 vols.'
Contributors Albert, Prince, Consort of Victoria, Queen of Great Britain, 1819 - 1861, dedicatee
Wyatt, Matthew Digby, 1820 - 1877
Vinter, John Alfred, fl. 1828 - 1905, draughtsman, lithographer
Pozzi, W. E., fl. ca. 1851 - 1853?, draughtsman
Smallfield, Frederick, 1829 - 1915, draughtsman
Sleigh, John, fl. 1841 - 1872, draughtsman, lithographer
Pidgeon, Henry Clark, 1807 - 1880, draughtsman
Rafter, H., fl. ca. 1851 - 1853?, draughtsman
Clayton, J. R., fl. ca. 1851 - 1859, draughtsman
Humphreys, Henry Noel, 1810 - 1879, draughtsman
Maye, H., fl. ca. 1848 - 1853?, draughtsman
Delamotte, Philip Henry, 1821 - 1889, draughtsman
Mahoney, James, 1810 - 1879, draughtsman, lithographer
Clayton, F., fl. 1851 - 1853?, draughtsman
Bedford, Francis, 1816 - 1894, draughtsman, lithographer
Butler, William, 1824 - 1870, draughtsman
Aglio, Augustine, 1816 - 1885, draughtsman
Michael, L. H., fl. ca. 1851 - 1853?, draughtsman
Stevens, Alfred, 1817 - 1875, draughtsman
Hayes, L., fl. ca. 1851 - 1853?, draughtsman
Moras, F., fl. ca. 1851 - 1853?, lithographer
Warren, Ambrose William, 1780 - 1856, lithographer
Underwood, W., fl. ca. 1851 - 1853?, lithographer
Day and Son. lithographic printer. publisher
Meeting NameGreat Exhibition London) (1851:
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