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Author Zanotto, Francesco, fl. 19th century
TitlePinacoteca Della Imp. Reg. Accademia Veneta Delle Belle Arti Illustrata Da Francesco Zanotto
ImprintVenezia: Dalla Tipografia Di Giuseppe Antonelli (Dalla Tipografia Di Commercio), MDCCCXXXIV. (1830)
Physical Description2 vols.; 455 mm. (Folio.)
Physical Description NoteVol. I: [286] p., pl. 1-54: illus. - Vol. II: [194], 116 p., pl. 55-100: illus.
Content Format NoteVol. I: [Half-t., t.p., dedic.] - Indice Dei Dipinti ... - [Plates and texts]. - Vol. II: [T.p., half-t.] - [Plates and texts] - [Divisional t.p., 'Storia Della Pittura Veneziana Di Francesco Zanotto'] - Prefazione - [Text] - Indice Delle Materie Contenute Nella Storia ... .
Summary NoteThe publication-date is given on the title page of Volume I as 1834, but on that of Volume II as 1830.

The plates and texts show and describe one hundred paintings of the Galleria Dell'Accademia, Venice. This had originally contained paintings by Academicians but by 1817, when it opened to the public, the collection had been enlarged with the addition of paintings seized from churches during the Napoleonic occupation and other works expropriated by Napoleon. Throughout the 19th century it was further enlarged by bequests and donations. The collection consists almost entirely of paintings by artists of the Veneto. This selection consists of outline engravings of works by Titian, Tintoretto, Veronese and others, most of them on Christian themes. In-text illustrations consist of head- and tail-pieces, portraits of artists and, in Volume I, a title-page vignette.

In Volume II the plates and descriptive texts are followed by Zanotto's 'Storia Della Pittura Veneziana', which has its own pagination and divisional title-page.
Responsibility NoteThe plates are signed with the names of the source artists, draughtsmen (Simonetti, G. Busat(t)o, A. Sasso, Gavagnin (Cavagnin), P. Zandomeneghi, G. Bellio, Ceresa, F. Bosa, Gius. Zuliani, Fontana, C. Dusi, Giovannino, Pividor) and engravers (A. Viviani, Simonetti, Gio. Zuliani, A. Tiozzo, Lazzari, M. Comirato, G. Dala, Felice Zuliani, A. Nardello, G. Buttasson (Buttazzon), R. Annibale).

The title-page vignette in Volume I is signed as drawn by Luigi Zandomeneghi and engraved by A. Viviani. The in-text portraits of artists are signed by draughtsmen (P. Zandomeneghi, G. Busat(t)o, F. Zanotto, A. Sasso, Ceresa) and engravers (F. Zanotto, Ant. Viviani, P. Zandomeneghi, G. Zuliani).

The work is dedicated by the author and the printer 'Alla Patria'.
SubjectChristian art and symbolism - Saints
Paintings, Venetian - Italy - Veneto - Venice - History
Collections - Galleries - Italy - Veneto - Venice - 19th century
Catalogues - Italy - Veneto - Venice - 19th century
Pictorial works - Italy - 19th century
Name as Subject Titian, between 1485 and 1490 - 1576
Tintoretto, 1518 - 1594
Veronese, Paolo, 1528 - 1588
Jesus Christ
Galleria Dell'Accademia (Venice)
ReferencesG. Romanelli, Venice: art and architecture (2 v., 1997); J. Martineau and A. Robinson, The glory of Venice [Royal Academy exhibition catalogue] (1994).
Binding Note20th-century quarter brown morocco, 19th-century mottled vellum; spines lettered 'Pinacoteca Della Imp. Reg. Accad. Veneta Delle Belle Arti Tomo I. (2. To. Della. Pitt. Veneta)' and 'R.A.'
Variant TitleStoria Della Pittura Veneziana
Contributors Antonelli, Giuseppe, fl. ca. 1834 - 1866?, printer
Titian, between 1485 and 1490 - 1576, source artist
Tintoretto, 1518 - 1594, source artist
Veronese, Paolo, 1528 - 1588, source artist
Zandomeneghi, Pietro, 1806 - 1866, draughtsman
Dusi, Cosroe, 1808 - 1859, draughtsman
Dala, Giuseppe, 1788 - 1860, engraver
Zuliani, Felice, 1834, engraver
Buttazzon, G., fl. 1833 - 1839, engraver
Zanotto, Francesco, fl. 19th century, draughtsman, engraver
Galleria Dell'Accademia (Venice)
Tipografia Di Commercio (Venice). printer
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