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Author Doni, Antonio Francesco, 1513 - 1574
TitleI Mondi Del Doni, Libro Primo.
ImprintIn Vinegia: Per Francesco Marcolini; Con Privilegio, MDLII. (- MDLIII.)
Physical Description2 vols.; 202 mm. (Quarto.)
Physical Description NoteVol. I: [5], 2-120, [4] f.: illus. (The Registro lists signatures a, A-Z and AA-HH.) (Some copies have leaf F[iv] verso in an earlier state, beginning 'Christianus Vuechellus candido ...', with misprint 'lambtccandosi' in the last line but one and other variants (described by Mortimer).) - Vol. II: 224, [8] p.: illus. (The Registro lists signatures A-Z and AA-FF.)
Content Format NoteVol. I: [T.p., dedic.] - Il Bizzarro Academico Peregrino. A Gli Ombrosi ... Scusa - [Dedic., dedic.] - Discorso Dello Elevato Academico Peregrino In Nome Di Tutta L'Academia A I Lettori - [Text] - La Tavola Sopra Il Primo Libro De I Mondi Del Doni - Registro - [Colophon]. - Vol. II: [T.p., dedic.] - Academici Peregrini Andati All'Inferno - Dichiaratione Del Dubbioso Academico Peregrino - [Text]; [dedics.] - La Tavola De Gli Inferni De Gli Academici Peregrini; Registro; [colophon] - [Device].
Summary NoteThe title page of Volume II reads, 'Inferni Del Doni Academico Pellegrino. Libro Secondo De Mondi In Vinegia Per Francesco Marcolini Nel MDLIII.'

The text describes seven worlds (Piccolo, Grande, Massimo, Misto, Imaginato, Risibile, De Pazzi) and seven infernos (visited by seven types of Academic - Disperato, Perduto, Smarrito, Pazzo, Ardito, Savio, Ostinato). These worlds and infernos were invented by Doni to accompany the prints, which had already been published by Marcolini in his Le Sorti (Venice, 1540) and La Comedia Di Dante (Venice, 1544). A few illustrations show portraits of celebrities.

The title-page vignettes show Doni's device of seven globes, with a quotation from St Paul in Greek letter, 'He gar sophia tou cosmou toutou moria para to Theo esti' ('For the wisdom of this world is foolishness with God').
Responsibility NoteThe illustrations are not signed.

In Volume I the first dedication is from Doni to Ruberto Strozzi, the second is from Gli Academici Peregrini to Pietro Strozzi, and the third is from L'Academia Peregrina E I Mondi Sopra Le Medaglie Del Doni to Pietro Strozzi. In Volume II the first dedication is from Doni, presidente dell'Academia Peregrina, et Academici to Alberto Dal Carretto, the second is from Doni to Franco. Morisini, and the third from Doni to Giovan'Angelo Fiorentino, Scultor.
SubjectCosmology - Utopias - Visions - Symbols - Emblems
Emblem books - Italy - 16th century
Pictorial works - Italy - 16th century
Name as Subject Dante Alighieri, 1265 - 1321, Divina Commedia
ReferencesHarvard College Library Department Of Printing And Graphic Arts Catalogue Of Books And Manuscripts Part II: Italian 16th Century Books Compiled by Ruth Mortimer, vol. I (1974), no. 166, p. 236-40; H.M. Adams, Catalogue Of Books Printed On The Continent Of Europe, 1501-1600 In Cambridge Libraries, Vol. I. (1967), no. 825, p.364; S. Casali, Annali della tipografia veneziana di Francesco Marcolini da Forlì (1861), no. 97.

C. Cordie, Opere di Pietro Aretino e di Anton Francesco Doni (1976), p.581-96; C.R. Marsili-Libelli, Anton Francesco Doni, scrittore e stampatore (1960).
Copy NoteThe front loose endpaper of Volume I has a tipped-in piece of paper inscribed in ink with a quotation from Brunet describing ten portraits included in this volume.

There are occasional faded annotations in ink throughout.
Binding Note16th-century white vellum; spines inscribed in ink, 'Mondi (Inferni) Del Doni I (II)' and 'R.A.'
ProvenanceThe front loose endpapers of both volumes are inscribed in ink, 'Ascanius farina'.
Variant TitleInferni Del Doni
Contributors Marcolini, Francesco, fl. 1527 - 1559, publisher
Strozzi, Roberto, fl. ca. 1552?, dedicatee
Strozzi, Pietro, fl. ca. 1552?, dedicatee
Dal Carretto, Roberto, fl. ca. 1553?, dedicatee
Morosini, Francesco, fl. ca. 1553?, dedicatee
Montorsoli, Giovanni Angelo, 1507? - 1563, dedicatee
Academia Peregrina (Venice)
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