From Arch of Titus, Rome
Cast of cyma reversa moulding from upper architrave
Photo: R.A.
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Cast of cyma reversa moulding from upper architrave
Plaster cast, late 18th or early 19th century, 200 X 430 X 130 mm
Purchased from Sir Thomas Lawrence, P.R.A., 1830
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The cast reproduces the upper moulding of the architrave (directly below the figural frieze) of the Arch of Titus. It is a cyma reversa moulding decorated by lobed acanthus leaves which alternate with recessive oval leaves. This decoration was popular in the Flavian period in Rome.

It was acquired by the Royal Academy from Thomas Lawrence whose collection was sold on 10 May 1830. The Arch was of particular interest in the early 19th century because the neo-classical architects Raffaele Stern and Giuseppe Valadier undertook major restoration between 1817-18 and 1823-24.