Record number 03/1993
Author Accademia Ercolanese di Archeologia
TitleLe Lucerne Ed I Candelabri D'Ercolano E Contorni Incise Con Qualche Spiegazione Tomo Unico
ImprintNapoli: Nella Regia Stamperia., MDCCXCII.
Physical Descriptionxliii, [1], 346 [i.e. 202] p., frontis. (port.), [97] pl.; 480 mm (Folio).
Physical Description NoteThe discrepancy between the pagination (346) and the actual number of pages of text (202) can be explained by the fact that this volume was originally intended to conform with the preceding volumes of the series, in having its plates numbered as pages so that text-pages and plates would form one continuous numbered sequence. Most of the plates do indeed carry the word 'Pag.' at the top (generally without numbers, only occasionally with numbers, usually incorrect ones); but this system of numbering has been dropped in favour of giving each plate a plate-number (at the foot of the plate). All the plates are bound in correctly alongside those pages of text which describe them (but preceding those text-pages, rather than following them as in earlier volumes), and thirty-seven carry the plate numbers (plates 2-24, 31, 34, 37, 48, 52, 53, 54, 56, 58, 75, 79, 60 and 93). The first few (plates 2-18) still carry also an incorrect page number, and eight carry a correct one (plates 31, 37, 48, 52, 53, 54, 56, 58). In addition to the 93 plates called for by the text there is a plate 2 bis (showing a shaven headed priest (?) carrying a lamp); there are a further three plates (numbered I-III) before page ix (showing plans, sections and details of an ancient oil-press). (In some catalogues the book is described as having 98 plates.)
Content Format Note[Half-t., t.p., frontis., dedic.] - Prefazione [with 3 plates numbered I-III] - [Text describing plates I-XCIII, accompanied by 94 plates] - Alcune Osservazioni - Indice Delle Cose Notabili.
Summary NoteThe half-title reads: 'Delle Antichita Di Ercolano Tomo Ottavo O Sia Delle Lucerne, Delle Lanterne, E De' Candelabri'. This is in fact the last volume of the series, which had been appearing from 1757 to 1779.

Like the preceding seven volumes it describes objects according to type, with brief indications of find-spots (Portici, Civita, Stabia, Pompeii or Ercolano; once, Cuma) and dates of finds, but with helpful explanatory notes incorporating quotations from Latin and ancient Greek sources and bibliographic references. Many plates show more than one object; several show objects from more than one angle; and most include a scale of measurement (Roman and Neapolitan palmi).
Responsibility NoteAs King Charles III of Spain , to whom the preceding volumes had been dedicated, and whose portrait they had borne as a frontispiece, had died in 1778, this volume is dedicated to, and carries a portrait of, King Ferdinand IV (also known as Ferdinand I) of the Two Sicilies. The portrait of the king is signed 'Franciscus Liani pinx. Gulielmus Morghen sculp. Romae 1789'. The rest of the plates are signed by draughtsmen including G. Casanova, Niccolo Vanni, G. Morghen, V. Campana, P. de la Vega, and by engravers including N. Fiorillo, A. Cataneo, M. A. Giacomino, G. Furlanetti, C. Pignatari, F. Campana, G. Alloja, F. Giomignani, Giuseppe Guerra, F. de Grado, Domenico Casanova, Carlo Geri, Vincenzo Scarpati, Bartolommeo Orazi, Lorenzo Biondi, Niccolo Cesarano, Vincenzo Segoni, F. Strina, L. Boilly and 'G.Z.'. In addition to the full-page plates there is an etched title-page vignette (medal including a portrait of Ferdinand IV) signed by the engraver Azzerboni, and several etched and engraved head- and tail-pieces, many repeated from other volumes of the series.

The book is dedicated to King Ferdinand is by the Accademici Ercolanesi.
SubjectLamps - Candelabra - Bronzes, Roman - Pottery, Roman - Terracotta - Antiquities, Roman - Decorative arts - Italy - Campania - Naples - Herculaneum (Extinct city) - Pompeii (Extinct city) - Portici - Stabiae (Extinct city) - Cumae (Extinct city) - History - 1st century
Archaeology - Excavations - Collections - Italy - Campania - Naples - Herculaneum (Extinct city) - 18th century
Catalogues - Italy - 18th century
Pictorial works - Italy - 18th century
ReferencesNational Gallery (Washington), Mark J. Millard Architectural, IV (2000), no. 1; L. Garcia y Garcia, Nova bibliotheca pompeiana (2 v., 1998); Royal Institute of British Architects, British Architectural Library ... Early printed, 1 (1994), no. 112.

On the impact of the publication of the excavations see the bibliographic note on Le Pitture Antiche D'Ercolano e Contorni (1757-79).
Copy NoteImperfect; wanting the half-title.
Binding Note18th-century mottled calf; rebacked in 20th century, red and green morocco spine labels, lettered, 'Pitture D'Ercolano Candelabri Tomo 8'.
ProvenanceAcquired (possibly by purchase from Josiah Taylor) sometime after John Flaxman's report to Council on 1 September 1801 concerning the 'disorderly' state of the Library (RA Council Minutes III, 109-10) and before the compilation and printing of the 1802 Catalogue of the Library in the Royal Academy, London, Taylor's bill for which Council approved for payment on 7 August 1802 (RA Council Minutes III, 154-55).
Variant TitlePitture D'Ercolano Candelabri Tomo 8
Delle Antichita Di Ercolano Tomo Ottavo O Sia Delle Lucerne, Delle Lanterne, E De' Candelabri [half title].
Contributors Ferdinand IV, King of Naples, 1751 - 1825, dedicatee
Liano, Francesco, 1740 - 1777, source artist
Morghen, Guglielmo, fl. 1780 - 18251820, engraver
Casanova, Giovanni Battista, 1730 - 1795, draughtsman
Vanni, Niccolo, fl. 1750 - 1770, draughtsman
Morghen, Guglielmo, fl. 1780 - 18251820, draughtsman
Campana, Vincenzo, fl. 1750fl. 1787, draughtsman
La Vega, P. de, fl. 1760fl. 1792, draughtsman
Fiorillo, Nicola, fl. 1760-1795, engraver
Cataneo, Aniello, 1743? - after 1806, engraver
Giacomino, Marcantonio, fl. 1770fl. 1790, engraver
Furlanetti, Giuseppe, fl. 1770fl. 1790, engraver
Pignatori, Carmine, fl. 1760fl. 1792, engraver
Campana, Ferdinando, fl. 1750fl. 1790s, engraver
Aloja, Giuseppe Antonio, fl. 1751 - 1792, engraver
Giomignani, Francesco, fl. 1750fl. 1792, engraver
Guerra, Giuseppe, fl. 1791fl. 1797, engraver
Grado, Filippo de, fl. 1728 - 1792, engraver
Casanova, Domenico, fl. 1757 - 1792, engraver
Geri, Carlo, fl. 1760 - 1792, engraver
Scarpati, Vincenzo, fl. 1762 - 1792, engraver
Orazi, Bartolommeo, fl. 1792, engraver
Biondi, Lorenzo, fl. 1760 - 1792, engraver
Cesarano, Niccolo, fl. 1750 - 1792, engraver
Segoni, Vincenzo, fl. 1765 - 1792, engraver
Strina, Ferdinando, fl. 1730fl. 1792, engraver
Boilly, Louis, 1735 -, engraver
Z, G., fl. 1792, engraver
Azzerboni, Giuseppe, fl. 1750sfl. 1790s, engraver
Naples. Regia Stamperia. printer
Series TitleDelle Antichità Di Ercolano; Tomo 8.
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