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TitleVetera Monumenta Quae In Hortis Caelimontanis Et In Aedibus Matthaeiorum Adservantur Nunc Primum In Unum Collecta Et Adnotationibus Illustrata A Rodulphino Venuti Et A Johanne Christophoro Amadutio Volumen I Statuas Comprehendens (- III )
ImprintRomæ: Sumptibus Monaldini Bibliopolæ, MDCCLXXIX (MDCCLXXVI MDCCLXXVIII)
Physical Description3 vols.; 415 mm. (Folio).
Physical Description NoteVol. I: [2], lxiv, 115, [1] p., t.-pl., engr. dedic., 106 pl. [pl. 104 bears impressions from 2 copperplates]. - Vol. II: v-viii, 109, [1] p., t.-pl., 90 pl. [33 pl. each bear impressions from 2 coppersplates]. - Vol. III: v-viii, 193, [1] p., t-pl., 74 pl. [17 pl. each bear impressions from 2 copperplates].
Content Format NoteVol.I: [T.-pl., engr. dedic.]; Approbationes; Imprimatur - Iohannis Christophori Amadutii Praefatio - Index Tabularum; Errata - [Text, with plates] - [Colophon]. - Vol.II: [T.-pl.] - Index Tabularum; Errata; Imprimatur - [Text, with plates] - [Colophon]. - Vol. III: [T.-pl.] - Index Tabularum; Errata; Imprimatur - [Text, with plates] - Index Inscriptionum - [Colophon].
Summary NoteAlthough the dates MDCCLXXIX, MDCCLXXVI and MDCCLXXVIII appear on the title-plates, the colophons give the dates MDCCLXXII, MDCCLXXV and MDCCLXXIX.

The first volume reproduces statues; the second, busts, herms, shields and bas-reliefs; the third, bas-reliefs, sarcophagi and inscriptions.
Responsibility NoteThe engraved title-plate of Volume I is signed as engraved by G.M. Cassini; those of Volumes II and III are signed as drawn by V. Brenna and engraved by Cassini. The engraved dedication in Volume I is signed as designed by G. Manochi and engraved by A. Gregori. Several plates and decorations carry the signature of the engraver - M. Sorello, G.M. Cassini, F. Mazzoni, F. Morghen, A. Giardoni, G.B. Natali, F. Aquila, F. Nesi (?), N. Orazi, C. Baroni, N. Mogalli, M. Carloni, Tinti, Marianna Tomatis and G. Giordano.

The colophons give the name of the printer, 'In Typographio Zempeliano'. The first volume gives the publisher's name as Monaldini, simply; the second and third, as 'Venantii Monaldini'.

In Volume I the publication is dedicated by G.A. Monaldini to Stanislaus Augustus, King of Poland.
SubjectAntiquities, Greek - Antiquities, Roman - Sculpture, Greek - Sculpture, Roman - Statues - Busts - Bas-reliefs, Greek - Bas-reliefs, Roman - Epitaphs - Italy - Rome - History
Collections - Italy - Rome - Villa Celimontana (Rome) - Palazzo Mattei di Giove (Rome) - 18th century
Catalogues - Italy - 18th century
Pictorial works - Italy - 18th century
Name as Subject Mattei, Asdrubale, 1556 - 1638
Mattei, Ciriaco, 1545 - 1614
ReferencesF. Haskell and N. Penny, Taste and the antique: the lure of classical sculpture 1500-1900 (1982).
Binding Note18th-century half calf, marbled-papered boards; bound for the Royal Academy by John Miller (see his bill for £1 2s. 6d. dated 13 July 1788); rebacked in 1996 by J.A. Cassels, retaining much of the original spine and red and green morocco spine-labels lettered 'Vetera Monumenta Matthæiani Vol. I (-III) R.A.'
ProvenancePurchased from Francesco Sastres for £3 3s. on 19 April 1788 (see his invoice made out to Sir William Chambers 'for books sent to Mr. Wilton for the Royal Academy').
Variant TitleVetera Monumenta Matthaeiorum
Contributors Venuti, Ridolfino, 1705 - 1763
Amaduzzi, Giovanni Cristoforo, 1740 - 1792
Monaldini, Giuseppe Antonio, publisher, bookseller
Stanislaw II, King of Poland, 1732 - 1798, dedicatee
Monaldini, Venanzio, fl. 1776-17811781, publisher
Cassini, Giovanni Maria, fl. ca. 1780 - 1823?, engraver
Cassels, J.A., fl. ca. 1996 - 2000?, binder
Miller, John, fl. 1778-93?, binder
Typographium Zempelianum (Rome). printer
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