Record number 03/2367
Author Passeri, Giovanni Battista, 1694 - 1780, author, draughtsman
TitleLucernae Fictiles Musei Passerii.
ImprintPisauri;: Sumtibus Academiae Pisaurensis., M.DCC.XXXIX. (-M.DCC.LI.)
Physical Description3 vols.; 355 mm. (Quarto).
Physical Description NoteVol. I: [xvi], xxviii, 92 p., frontis. (port.), 105, [1] pl. Plate 91 is misnumbered as 89. The unnumbered pl. is inscribed 'proleg. pag. II.' - Vol. II: [x], xii, 73, [1] p., [1], 104 pl. The unnumbered pl. is inscribed 'Praef. pag. II.' - Vol. III: [viii], xvi, 147, [1] p., illus., [1], 110 pl. The unnumbered pl. is inscribed 'Praef. pag. II.'
Content Format NoteVol. I: [Frontis. (port.), t.p., dedic.] - Catalogus Eorum, Qui Societati Nomen Dederunt - Imprimatur - Ordo Prolegomenorum - Joannis Baptistae Passerii J.C. In Veteres Lucernas Prolegomena, et Notae - Index Tabularum - [Pl. I-CV] - Notae - Index Rerum. - Vol. II: [T.p., dedic.] - Additio Ad Catalogum Eorum, Qui Societati Nomen Dederunt - Joannis Baptistae Passerii J.C. Praefatio - Ad Praeclarissimum Virum Joannem Baptistam Passerium [poem by Ignatius Maria Comus] - Index Tabularum - [Pl. I-CIIII] - Joannis Baptistae Passerii J.C. In Veteres Lucernas Notae - Index Rerum. - Vol. III: [T.p., dedic.] - Joannis Baptistae Passerii J.C. De Ampulla Sepulcrali Circensem Pompam Referente Dissertatio - [Plates I-] - Notae - Index Tabularum - Index Rerum - Errata.
Summary NoteDoubt has been cast on the authenticity of most lamps shown here. O. Kurz, Fakes (1948) described Passeri's collection as 'one of the greatest assemblages of fakes ever brought together'; and H.B. Walters, History of ancient pottery, Greek, Etruscan and Roman (1905) omitted references to Passeri's work 'as it has been shown by Dr. Dressel that nearly all those published by him are false'.
Responsibility NoteThe frontispiece of Volume I (portrait of the dedicatee) is signed as drawn by Joseph Menabuoni and engraved by Carlo Gregori. Almost all plates are signed as drawn by Giuseppe Menabuoni, and as engraved by Vincenzo Franceschini, but some as engraved by Menabuoni, Sante Manelli, Joseph de Benedictis, Jos. Papini, P. Ant. Pazzi, Carlo Faucci, B. Sgrilli, C. Gregori, M. A. Corsi, J. Medici, N. Lebrun, N. Mogalli, J. Gavelli, A. Fiaschi or F. Bartolozzi. Plate 99 of Volume I and plate 96 of Volume III and the unnumbered plates of Volumes I, II and III, the title-page vignettes and some other decorations are signed as drawn by Passeri and engraved by Franceschini.

All three volumes are dedicated by the Academia Pisaurensis to Cardinal Federico Marcello Lante Montefeltro Della Rovere.
SubjectAntiquities, Roman - Lamps - Pottery - Italy - Pesaro - History
Collections - Forgeries - Italy - Pesaro - 18th century
Pictorial works - Italy - 18th century
Armorial bindings - Great Britain - 18th century
Name as Subject Passeri, Giovanni Battista, 1694 - 1780
Copy NoteIn Volume I the unnumbered plate, although inscribed 'proleg. pag. II', has been inserted after page 2 of the Notes. In Volume III there are two copies of plate 57.
Binding Note18th-century mottled calf; upper covers stamped with royal arms of Britain and 'R.A.'; gilt-decorated spine, lettered 'Vol. I(-III)' and 'R.A. 1739 (1743, 1751)'. 20th-century brown morocco spine-labels, lettered, 'Passerii Lucernae Fictiles'.
ProvenancePurchased by 1780. Recorded in Catalogue Of The Library In The Royal Academy, London (1802).
Contributors Franceschini, Vincenzo, 1680 - ca. 1750?, engraver
Gavelli, Niccolo
Gregori, Carlo Bart., 1719 - 1759, engraver
Menabuoni, Giuseppe, ca. 1708 -, draughtsman, engraver
Pazzi, Antonio, 1706 - after 1768, engraver
Manelli, Sante, engraver
Benedetti, Giuseppe, 1707 - 1782, engraver
Papini, Jos., fl. ca. 1739?, engraver
Faucci, Carlo, 1729 - ca. 1784, engraver
Sgrilli, Bernardo Sansone, 1755, engraver
Corsi, Marcantonio, fl. ca. 1732 - 1750, engraver
Medici, Joseph, engraver
Lebrun, N., engraver
Mogalli, Niccolo, 1723 - after 1768, engraver
Gavelli, Jos., engraver
Fiaschi, A., fl. 18th century, engraver
Bartolozzi, Francesco, R.A., 1727 - 1815, engraver
Academia Pisaurensis
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