Record number 03/2699
Author Overbeke, Bonaventura van, ca. 1660 - 1706
Uniform Title[Reliquiae antiquae urbis Romae. 1709.] French.
TitleLes Restes De L'Ancienne Rome, Recherchez avec soin, mesurez, dessinez sur les lieux, & gravez par feu Bonaventure D'Overbeke Sous les Pontificats D'Innocent XI, D'Alexandre VIII, & D'Innocent XII. Imprimé aux dépens De Michel D'Overbeke. Tome I. (- III.)
ImprintA Amsterdam: De l'Imprimerie de Jean Crellius., M. DCC. IX. Avec Privilege.
Physical Description3 vols.; 525 mm. (Broadsheet).
Physical Description NoteVol. I: [24], 91, [1] p., frontis., dedic. pl., port., 1 map (dble.), 46 pl. - Vol. II: [2], 85, [1] p., 50 pl. - Vol. III: [2], 65, [1] p., 50 pl. (1 dble). Pl. 27 is double.
Content Format NoteVol. I: [Half-title, frontis., t.-p., dedic.-pl.] - Explicatio Tabulae Dedicatoriae - Explication De L'estampe De La Dédicace - [Dedic.; port.] - Préface`De L'Auteur - Avertissement De L'Auteur - Préface De L'Editeur - Privilegie - [Map; Text, with pl.] - Indice Des Planches ... Tome I. - Vol. II: [T.-p.] - [Text, with pl.] - Indice Des Planches ... Tome II. - Vol. III: [T.-p.] - [Text, with pl.] - Indice Des Planches ... Tome III.
Summary NoteThe work had first been published in 1708 in Latin (Reliquiae antiquae urbis Romae). (A third edition, in Italian, was published in London in 1739; and further editions in Latin and French in 1763.)

The views are described by Brunet (IV, 264) as valued for the exactness of the drawings. The plates of the first volume show gates (pl. 1-15), temples and basilicas (16-41), tombs (42-45), and Trajan's column (46). Those of the second volume show arches (1-9), obelisks and columns (10-28), baths (29-44), a fountain, aqueducts and a reservoir (45-50). Those of the third show bridges (1-8), a granary (9), gardens and the Caelian, Palatine and Capitol hills (10-20), various ruins (21-23), theatres and amphitheatres (24-48, mount Testaccio (49), city walls (50).
Responsibility NoteIn the first volume the frontispiece is signed as designed and drawn by B. Overbeke and engraved by M. Pool; the dedication-plate and the map are signed as engraved by M. Pool; the portrait of the author is signed as painted by J.C. le Blon and engraved by C. Vermeulen. None of the numbered plates of the three volumes is signed.

The work is dedicated by the author to Queen Anne.
SubjectAntiquities, Roman - Architecture - Ruins - Gates - Temples - Basilicas - Tombs - Columns - Triumphal arches - Monuments - Obelisks - Baths - Aqueducts - Bridges - Palaces - Theatres - Amphitheatres - Public buildings - Italy - Rome - History
Views - Vedute - Italy - Rome - 18th century
Pictorial works - Netherlands - 18th century
Armorial bindings - Great Britain - 18th century
Name as Subject Overbeke, Bonaventura van, ca. 1660 - 1706
ReferencesL. Schudt, Le guide di Roma (1930).
Binding Note18th-century sprinkled calf, upper and lower covers having outer gilt borders of thistles, roses, knotted rope and garter-star, inner gilt borders of intertwining roses and thistles with cornerpieces of crowns surmounting Queen Anne's monogram, enclosing centrally-placed arms of Queen Anne; early 20th-century reback, spine gilt-decorated in 18th-century manner and lettered 'Tom. I. (-III.) R.A. 1709', red morocco spine-labels lettered 'Les Restes De L'Ancienne Rome'. Other examples of this royal presentation binding have been recorded on copies of the 1708 Latin edition (e.g. in St John's College Library, Cambridge and the Beckford copy (Marlborough Rare Books, Catalogue 133 (1989), no. 136).
ProvenanceAcquired by 1802 ( see A catalogue of the library in the Royal Academy, London, 1802, p. 14). Possibly a duplicate from the Royal Library presented by George III circa 1769-70?
Contributors Pool, Matthys, 1670 - ca. 1732, engraver
Le Blon, J. C., 1667 - 1741, source artist
Vermeulen, Cornelis, 1642 - 1692, engraver
Anne, Queen of Great Britain, 1665 - 1714, dedicatee
Overbeek, Michel van, publisher
Krellius, Johannes, fl. 1684-1718, printer
Overbeke, Bonaventura van, ca. 1660 - 1706, draughtsman
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