Record number 03/2813
Author Spon, Jacob, 1647 - 1685
TitleRecherches Curieuses D'Antiquité, Contenues En Plusieurs Dissertations, sur des Medailles, Bas-reliefs, Statues, Mosaïques, & Inscriptions antiques; Enrichies D'Un Grand Nombre de Figures en Taille douce. Par Monsieur Spon, Docteur Aggregé au College des Medecins de Lyon, & à l'Académie des Ricovrati de Padouë.
ImprintA Lyon: Chez Thomas Amaulry, ruë Merciere, au Mercure Galant., M. DC. LXXXIII. Avec Privilege Du Roy.
Physical Description[22], 40, 49-538, [22] p., add. engr. t.-pl.: illus. (some full-page); 250 mm. (Quarto).
Content Format Note[Add. engr. t.-pl., t.p., dedic.] - Preface - Explication Des Antiquitez gravées au Frontispice - Table Des Dissertations contenuës en ce Volume; Faute à corriger - Privilege Du Roy - [Text of dissertations 1-31, with illustrations] - Table Des Principales Matieres contenuës dans cet Ouvrage, & des Mots rares.
Summary NoteSpon is best known for his travels with Sir George Wheler, and for the two influential publications - his own Voyage d'Italie, de Dalmatie, de Grece et du Levant (1678), and Wheler's A journey into Greece (1682). In 1679 he argued that antiquities were more useful to historians than literary sources (Résponse à la critique publiée par M. Guillet).

The present dissertations are on thirty-one subjects (those not by Spon are indicated): 1. a silver clypeus of Ottavio Mey at Lyons; 2. a mosaic of M. Cassaire at Lyons; 3. a bas-relief of Syrian gods; 4. rites of Arval Brethren; 5. the wedding of Cupid and Psyche; 6. Hermes, Hermathenes, Hermanubes, Hermheracles; 7. Harpocrates and Panthea; 8. cymbals and other musical instruments; 9. two ancient buildings of Nimes and Vienne; 10. a Latin inscription on a ring [by M. Peiresk to M. Holstenius]; 11. gold and silver rings; 12. a medal of Severus and Julia Domna; 13. a painting found near the Colosseum; 14. a medal of Commodus; 15. a medal of Trebonian [by A. Galland]; 16. the invention of spectacles [by F. Redi to P. Falconieri]; 17. the judgment of Paris on a medal of Antoninus Pius [by Patin to A. Morosini]; 18. the Manes; 19. an ancient vase of M. Gaillard, Englishman [to M. Graverol]; 20. tomb-inscription on a relative of the counts of Toulouse [by F. Graverol]; 21. an antiquity newly discovered at Paris [by du Molinet]; 22. a medal of King Pylaemenes [by S. Fesch to M. Hollandier]; 23. an inscription at Rome on an Aesculapian society; 24. use of medals in studying physiognomy; 25. the staff of Moses [to M. Graverol]; 26. a medal of Caracalla showing dancers [by M. de Camps]; 27. denial that all doctors at Rome were slaves or were ever banished; 28. Maltese medals [by Spon and Chaillou]; 29. a marble vase showing the birth of Bacchus; 30. Estrenes; 31. Lucian's account of the false prophet Alexander.
Responsibility NoteThe added engraved title-plate is signed as drawn and engraved by M. Ôgier.

Several illustrations are signed as engraved by Ogier; most are unsigned. One (p. 465) is signed 'Chez Cant' (?). The title-page vignette is signed 'BF'.

The work is dedicated by Jacobus Sponius Lugdunensis to the Dauphin, 'Ludovico Ludovici Magni Filio'.
SubjectAntiquities, Roman - Antiquities, Greek - Rome - Greece - France - History
Essays - Art history - France - 17th century
Pictorial works - France - 17th century
ReferencesOn Spon see: Jacob Spon ... textes réunis sous la direction scientifique de Roland-Etienne et de Jean-Claude Mossière (1993). The context is reviewed in C. Grell, Le dix-huitième siècle et l'antiquité en France 1680-1789 (1995); D. Constantine, Early Greek travellers and the Hellenic ideal (1984).
Copy NoteThe front paste-down carries an engraving of a head captioned 'Seneca'.
Binding NoteContemporary mottled calf; gilt-decorated spine, brown morocco spine-label lettered 'Recherc D'Antiq'.
ProvenanceThe armorial book-plate on the front paste-down is captioned 'John Mitford Of Newtown Hampshire 1744'. Acquired between 1769 and 1802. Recorded in RAA Library, Catalogue, 1802.
Contributors Amaulry, Thomas, 1650? - 1725, publisher
Ôgier, Matt., draughtsman, engraver
Mitford, John, fl. ca. 1744?, previous owner
Louis, Dauphin of France, 1661 - 1711, dedicatee
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