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TitleA Complete History Of England: With The Lives Of All The Kings and Queens Thereof; From the Earliest Account of Time, to the Death of His Late Majesty King William III. Containing A Faithful Relation of all Affairs of State Ecclesiastical and Civil. The Whole Illustrated with Large and Useful Notes, taken from divers Manuscripts, and other good Authors: and the Effigies of the Kings and Queens from the Originals, Engraven by the best Masters. In Three Volumes, with Alphabetical Indexes to each. Vol. I. I. Beginning with the History of Britain to William the Conqueror. By Mr. John Milton. II. From the Conquest to the End of King Edward III. By Samuel Daniel, Esq; III. The Reigns of King Richard II. King Hemnry IV, V, and VI. All new Writ in Mr. Daniel's Method. IV. The Reign of King Edward IV. By John Habington, Esq; V. The Lives of King Edward V, and Richard III. By Sir Thomas Moore. Translated from the Latin Original. VI. The Life of King Richard III By George Buck, Esq; VII. The Life of King Henry VII. By Francis Lord Bacon.
ImprintLondon:: Printed for Brab. Aylmer, Reb. Bonwick, Sam. Smith and Benj. Walford, Wil. Freeman, Tim. Goodwin, Tho. Bennet, Matth. Wotton, John Walchoe, Sam. Manship, Tho. Newborough, John Nicholson, Richard Parker, and Benj. Tooke., 1706.
Physical Description3 vols.; 389 mm. (Quarto).
Physical Description NoteVol. I: [10], 640, [24] p., frontis. (port.), pl. 2-20. - Vol. II: [2], 792, [20] p., pl. 21-25. - Vol. III: [2], 849, [27] p., pl. 26-30.
Content Format NoteVol. I: [Frontis. (port.), t.p.] - Preface; To the Reader; Advertisement - The Disposition of the Three Volumes of the Complete History of England - [Text, with pl.] - An Index To the First Volume of the Compleat History of England. - Vol. II: [Pl. 21] - [T.p.] - [Text, with pl.] - An Index To the Second Volume .... - Vol. III: [T.p.] - [Text, with pl.] - An Index To the Third Volume .... (Note: ESTC states that these three volumes are 'With a list of subscribers'.)
Summary NoteThe sub-title of Volume II runs: 'Vol. II. Containing I. The History of King Henry VIII. Written by the Right Honourable Edward Lord Herbert of Cherbury. II. The Life of King Edward VI. By Sir John Hayward. III. The Life of Queen Mary. Written in Latin by Francis Godwin, Lord Bishop of Hereford, newly Translated into English by Mr. J.H. IV. The History of Queen Elizabeth. Written by William Cambden, Esq; Clarencieux King at Arms; newly done into English. V. The Annals of King James I. By the said Mr. Cambden. VI. The History of King James I. By Arthur Wilson Esq;'. That of Volume III runs: 'Vol. III. Containing I. The History and Life of King Charles I. II. -- Of King Charles II. III. -- Of King James II. IV. -- Of King William and Queen Mary. - V. -- Of King William III. All new Writ by a Learned and Impartial Hand.'

The plates show the sovereigns of Great Britain from William I to William III; the frontispiece of Volume I is a portrait of Queen Anne.
Responsibility NoteThe first two volumes were compiled by John Hughes (1677-1720); the third was written by White Kennet, Bishop of Peterborough (1660-1728), and the whole work is often referred to by his name.

In Volume I plates 2-20 are all signed as drawn by E. Lutterell and engraved by P. Vanderban(c)k; the frontispiece portrait is signed as painted by G. Kneller and engraved by M.V.dr. Gucht. In Volume II all plates are signed as drawn by E. Lutterell and engraved by P. Vanderbanck, but Pl. 25 is signed as drawn by E. Lutterell and engraved by P. Vanderbanck and M. Vander Gucht. In Volume III the plates are signed as drawn by E. Luttrell or as painted by I. Ryley or G. Kneller, and as engraved by M. vander Gucht or Trouvain.
SubjectKings - Queens - Rulers - Monarchs - Portraits - Great Britain - History
Pictorial works - Great Britain - 18th century
ReproductionsA microfilm of Vols. I, II, was published in 1986 (Woodbridge CT: Research Publications).
ReferencesESTC T145258
Copy NoteImperfect; lacks pages 15-20 of the Index of Volume II (from 'Russel, Sir William' to end); has no list of subscribers.
Binding Note18th-century calf, upper and lower covers having blind-stamped panels; rebacked in 1996 by James Brockman, red morocco spine-labels lettered 'History Of England Vol. I. (-3.)'.
ProvenanceAcquired between 1769 and 1802. Recorded in RAA Library, Catalogue, 1802.
Contributors Milton, John, 1608 - 1674
Daniel, Samuel, 1562 - 1619
Habington, John
Moore, Thomas
Buck, George, 1560 - 1622
Bacon, Francis, Lord Verulam, 1561 - 1626
Luttrell, Edward, ca. 1650 - ca. 1724, draughtsman
Vanderbank, Peter, 1649 - 1697, engraver
Kneller, Godfrey, Bt., 1646 - 1723, source artist
Aylmer, Brabazon, 1645 - ca. 1719, publisher
Bonwicke, Rebecca, fl. 1706-1720, publisher
Smith, Samuel, 1658 - 1707, publisher
Walford, Benjamin, fl. 1679-1710, publisher
Freeman, William, fl. 1682-1715, publisher
Gucht, Michael van der, 1660 - 1725
Goodwin, Timothy, 1721, publisher
Bennet, Thomas, before 1678 - 1706, publisher
Wotton, Matthew, fl. 1687 - 1725?, publisher
Walchoe, John, publisher
Manship, Samuel, before 1678 - 1720, publisher
Newborough, Thomas, fl. 1678 - 1707, publisher
Nicholson, John, fl. 1686-1717?, publisher
Parker, Richard, fl. 1692 - 1725, publisher
Tooke, Benj., publisher
Herbert of Cherbury, Edward Herbert, 1st baron, 1582? - 1648
Hayward, John, ca. 1560 - 1627
Godwin, Francis, Bishop of Hereford, 1562 - 1633
Camden, William, 1551 - 1623
Wilson, Arthur, 1595 - 1652
Riley, John, 1646 - 1691, source artist
Trouvain, Antoine, 1656 - 1708, engraver
Hughes, John, 1677 - 1720
Kennet, White, Bishop of Peterborough, 1660 - 1728
Gucht, Michael van der, 1660 - 1725, engraver
Brockman, James, 1946 -, binder
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