Record number 04/318
Author Albinus, Bernhard Siegfried, 1697 - 1770
Uniform Title[Explicatio tabularum anatomicarum Barth. Eustachii. 1750.] English.
TitleA Compleat System Of The Blood-Vessels And Nerves, Taken From Albinus's Edition of Eustachius Also From Ruysch, Vieussens, Du Verney, Haller, Trew, and J. B. Surgeon at Avignon; Beautifully Engraved on Large Copper Plates, With Tables of Explanation, Containing the Text of Eustachius, Albinus, &c. Translated Into English. To Which Are Prefixed Three Whole-Length Anatomical Figures, Representing The External Parts of the Human Body in both Sexes.
ImprintLondon:: Printed By H. Woodfall, For John And Paul Knapton., M.DCC.L.
Physical Description[36] p., 3, 4 [i.e. 8]pl.; 659 mm. (Broadsheet).
Physical Description NoteIn the second sequence of plates there are bis plates 1-4.
Content Format Note[T.p.] - Three Whole Length Anatomical Figures... [with pl. 1-3] - A Compleat System Of The Blood-Vessels And Nerves [with pl. 1-4 and bis 1-4].
Summary NotePlates I-III of the first group carry the dates 1750, 1750, 1748; plates I-IV of the second group and bis I-IV carry the dates 1750 or 1749.

Albinus's Explicatio tabularum anatomicarum Barth. Eustachii was originally published at Leiden in 1744.

This English version was reissued in 1754 and 1758.
Responsibility NoteThe first sequence of plates, numbered I-III, are signed as engraved by G. Scotin or S. F. Ravenet; they carry no draughtsman's name, but their accompanying leaf of text states that they are 'Taken from Bidloo's Anatomy, And Enlarged', i.e. from G. Bidloo's Anatomia (1685), illustrated by G. de Lairesse. The second sequence of plates, numbered I-IV and bis I-IV, are all signed as engraved by J. S. Müller, and carry no draughtsman's name.

Each numbered plate carries the publisher's imprint, 'Impensis J. & P. Knapton Londoni' (and the date).

The title-page vignette is signed as drawn by N. Blakey and engraved by G. Scotin.
SubjectAnatomy - Human anatomy
Treatises - Manuals - Netherlands - Great Britain - 18th century
Pictorial works - Great Britain - 18th century
ReferencesESTC N28528
R. Hilloowala, 'Bartolomeo Eustachio: his influence on Albinus', in Journal of the history of medicine and allied sciences, 41 (1986), p.442-62
On anatomic illustration see the bibliographic note on Bernardi Siegfried Albini Tabulae Sceleti Et Musculorum (1749).
Binding Note18th-century half morocco, marbled-papered boards; spine lettered, 'Albini's Tables of Anatomy'. Bound with Bernardi Siegfried Albini Tabulae Sceleti Et Musculorum Corporis Humani (1749).
ProvenanceAcquired between 1769 and 1802. Recorded in RAA Library, Catalogue, 1802.
Contributors Blakey, Nicholas, fl. 1749-17581758, draughtsman
Müller, Johann Sebastian, 1715 - 1792, engraver
Eustachius, Bartolomeo, 1574
Lairesse, Gerard de, 1640 - 1711
Knapton, John, 1696 - between 1767 and 1770, publisher
Knapton, Paul, ca. 1703 - 1755, publisher
Woodfall, Henry, fl. 1735-1769, printer
Ravenet, Simon François, A.R.A., 1706 - 1774, engraver
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