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TitleCollezione Di Numero 25 Statue E Basso-Rilievi Del Signor Cavaliere Alberto Thorwaldsen Con Una Breve Illustrazione Del Signor Avvocato Angelo Carnevalini
ImprintRoma: Con Approvazione, 1826
Physical Description[8] f., 24 pl. [i.e. 25 pl., incl. bis pl. 4]; 468 mm.
Content Format Note[T.p.] - [Plates, and explanatory texts]; [imprimatur].
Summary NoteThe publication-date is repeated on plate 22; no other plates carry dates.

This publication is a survey of the work of Thorvaldsen; who after the recent death of Canova (1822) had become the leading neoclassical sculptor in Europe.

Plates 1-6 show statues; 7-24, bas-reliefs. The last two are captioned ('La Notte' and 'Il Giorno'); and all are given titles in Carnevalini's short notes, as follows: [statues] La Speranza, Cariatide, Altra Simile, Ritratto Di Donna (pl. 4a and b), Gruppo Di Ganimede, Il Pastore; [basreliefs] Cristo Al Giordano, La Sagra Familia, Cristo Che Da Da Bere Ad Amore, Scherzo De' Putti, La Vendemmia, Le Saette Di Amore, Venere E Amore, Ettore Che Rimprovera Paride, Priamo A' Piedi D'Achille, Monumento Sepolcrale, Psiche Ed Amore, Nesso E Dejanira, Anacreonte Ed Amore, La Notte, Il Giorno.

Thorvaldsen's first large commission had been from a British patron, Thomas Hope, for a statue of Jason with the Golden Fleece (1803). This had enabled him to stay on in Rome after completing his studentship funded by the Academy of Fine Arts of Copenhagen. In Britain examples of his work may be seen in the Victoria and Albert Museum, London (roundels of Night and Day), Trinity College Library, Cambridge (statue of Lord Byron) and Woburn Abbey, Bedfordshire (reliefs of the Wrath of Achilles and the Embassy of Priam).
Responsibility NoteAll plates are signed as designed and sculpted by A. Thorwaldsen, and as engraved, severally, by Sam. Amsler (nos. 1, 6, 9-12, 16, 23, 24), Berno. Consorti (2, 3, 8), P. Fontana (4a, 4b), Carlo Barth (5), Antonio Ricciani (7), Angelo Testa (13, 14), Antonio Banzo (15), Ferdinando Ruscheweyh (17), D. Marchetti (18, 21), G. Balestra (19, 20), Stolzel (22).

No publisher or printer is named.
SubjectMythology, Greek - Christian art and symbolism
Sculpture - Statues - Bas-reliefs - Italy - Rome - 19th century - Neoclassical
Pictorial works - Italy - 19th century
Name as Subject Thorvaldsen, Bertel, 1768 - 1844
ReferencesThe influence of Thorvaldsen is studied in B. Jørnæs, Billedhuggeren Bertel Thorvaldsens liv og værk (1993); Künstlerleben im Rom: Bertel Thorvaldsen, der Dänische Bildhauer und seine deutschen Freunde, ed. G. Bott [exhibition catalogue](1991); The age of Neoclassicism [exhibition catalogue] (1972); H. Fletcher, 'John Gibson: an English pupil of Thorvaldsen', in Apollo, 96/128 (1972 October), p.336-40; J.B. Hartmann, 'Canova, Thorvaldsen and Gibson', in English miscellany, 6 (1955), p.205-35; R. Zeitler, Klassizismus und Utopia: Interpretationen zu Werken von David, Canova, Carstens, Thorvaldsen, Koch (1954).
Binding Note19th-century half green morocco, marbled-papered boards, spine lettered 'Collezione Di Statue - Thorwaldsen'.
ProvenancePurchased for RA Library in 1871 (see 'Library Report for the Year 1871', RA Annual Report, Appendix No. 7, p. 27).
Contributors Thorvaldsen, Bertel, 1768 - 1844
Amsler, Samuel, 1791 - 1849
Carnevalini, Angelo, fl. ca. 1826?
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