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Author Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden
TitleAugusteum Dresden's Antike Denkmäler Enthaldend. Herausgegeben Von Wilhelm Gottlieb Becker. Erster (- Dritter) Band.
ImprintLeipzig: In Commission Bei C.A. Hempel Und Gedruckt Bei G.J. Göschen, 1804 (-1811).
Physical Description3 vols.; 380 mm.
Physical Description NoteVol. I: [xiv], vi, 141, [1] p., pl. 1-34. Plates 33 and 34 are bound in in reverse order. - Vol. II: v, [iii], 108 p., pl. 35-94. - Vol. III: [ii], iv, [ii], 102 p., pl. 95-154. Pl. 143 and 144 are bound in in reverse order.
Content Format NoteVol. I: [T.p., dedic.] - Verzeichniss Der Pränumeranten Ohne Rangordnung - [Dedic.] - Vorrede - [Text, with pl.]. - Vol. II: [T.p.] - Vorrede - Verzeichniss Einiger Pränumeranten ... - [Text with pl.]. - Vol. III: [T.p.] - Vorrede - [Text with pl.] - Verzeichniss Der Noch Übringen Alten Denkmäler, Deren Abbildungen Unnöthig Schienen (Statuen; Büsten Und Köpfe) - Bemerkungen Und Gegenbemerkungen Über Einige Denkmäler - Nachweisung Der In Diesem Werke Enthaltenen Abbildungen Bei Le Plat Und Lipsius - Register [Index].
Summary NoteThe publication-dates on the title-pages of Volumes II and III are 1808 and 1811 (but the date of the 'Vorrede' in Volume III is 1812). The two latter volumes have the imprint, 'Dresden Auf Kosten Des Verfassers Und In Commission Der Gleditschischen Buchhandlung In Leipzig'. The work was also published in French, as 'Augusteum, ou description des monumens antiques qui se trouvent à Dresde'.

An earlier catalogue of the Greco-Roman sculpture at Dresden (much of it then newly arrived in the city) had been published in 1733 under the title, Recueil Des Marbres Antiques Qui Se Trouve Dans La Galerie Du Roy De Pologne A Dresden. As several sculptures are shown in both publications, it is interesting to compare the treatment given them by different engravers.

The plates show marbles, bronzes, fragments of wall-paintings and other items - mostly Greek, or copies of Greek originals. The subjects are chiefly mythological (the collections includes copies of works by Praxiteles and Scopas), but include several portrait busts. The first two plates (showing Egyptian mummies) and the last (showing a black-figure vase) are printed in colour. Several of the plates have been carefully drawn so as to distinguish restorations to the sculptures.
Responsibility NoteThe first two plates (printed in colour) are unsigned; all others are signed by draughtsmen and engravers. The draughtsmen were Fr. Matthaei, Demiani, Schubert, Thormeyer, Naeke, M. Retzsch or Heine. The engravers were Gottschick, C.G. Schul(t)ze, Seiffert, E.G. Krüger, Stölzel, Alois Kessler, Bause, Darnstedt, I.G. Müller, W. Böhm, F. Schulz, H. Schmidt, Hüllmann, Zschoch, Raspe or Arnold.

The work is dedicated by Wilhelm Gottlieb Becker to 'Friedrich August Herzog Zu Sachsen, Cleve, Berg, Engern und Westphalen etc.'
SubjectMythology, Greek - Iconography
Celebrities - Emperors - Mediterranean Region - Greece - Rome
Sculpture, Greek - Sculpture, Roman - Statues - Busts - Bas-reliefs - Antiquities, Egyptian - Portraits - History
Collections - Galleries - Germany - Saxony - Dresden - 19th century
Catalogues - Germany - 19th century
Pictorial works - Colour printing - Germany - 19th century
Name as Subject Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden
ReferencesG. Heres, Dresdener Kunstsammlungen im 18. Jahrhundert (1991).
Binding Note19th-century half calf, decorative paper covered boards; bound for the Royal Academy by (or through) 'W. H.' [i.e. J. H.?] Bohte' for £2 14s. (bill passed April 1821, RA Council Minutes VI, 198); rebacked 1990, retaining earlier (possibly original) black morocco spine-labels lettered 'Augusteum - Von Becker. Vol. I.(-III.)'.
Provenance17 January 1821: 'Produced 13 N.os Fol. of Engravings from the Dresden Gallery of Sculpture - Resolved that the same be purchased at the price of £26 for the Library.' (RA Council Minutes VI, 191).

Cf. Royal Academy Accounts, Abstract of Bills for ... Xmas to Lady Day 1821: 'W. [i.e. J.?] H. Bohte for Books £26; [ditto for] Binding £2 14s.' (RAA/TRE/1/3).
Contributors Becker, Wilhelm Gottlieb, 1753 - 1813
Hempel, C.A., fl. 1804?, publisher
Göschen, Georg Joachim, 1752 - 1828, printer
Gleditsch, Johann Friedrich, fl. 1808-1819?, bookseller
Matthaei, Fr., fl. 1804?, draughtsman
Demiani, Carl Friedrich, 1768 - 1823, draughtsman
Schubert, Johann David, 1761 - 1822, draughtsman
Thormeyer, Gottlob Friedrich, 1775 - 1842, draughtsman
Nacke, Gustav Heinrich, 1786 - 1835, draughtsman
Retzsch, Friedrich Moritz August, 1779 - 1857, draughtsman
Heine, Adalbert, 1769 - 1831, draughtsman
Gottschick, Johann Christian Benjamin, 1776 - 1844, engraver
Schulze, Christian Gottfried, 1749 - 1819, engraver
Seyfert, Johann Gottlieb, 1761 - 1824, engraver
Krüger, Ephraim Gottlieb, 1756 - 1834, engraver
Stölzel, Christian Friedrich, 1751 - 1816, engraver
Kessler, Aloys, 1777 - 1820, engraver
Bause, Johann Friedrich, 1738 - 1814, engraver
Darnstedt, Johann Adolf, 1769 - 1844, engraver
Müller, Johann Gotthard van, 1747 - 1830, engraver
Böhm, W., fl. 1810?, engraver
Schulz, F., fl. 1810?, engraver
Schmidt, Heinrich, ca. 1740 - 1821, engraver
Hüllmann, Gottlieb Wilhelm, 1765 - 1828, engraver
Zschoch, fl. 1810?, engraver
Raspe, engraver
Arnold, Josef, 1788 - 1879, engraver
Frederick Augustus I, King of Saxony, 1750 - 1827, dedicatee
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