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                                >RAA/PC/1/18 Council minutes, vol. 18 09 Jan 1883 - 31 Dec 1887
Reference CodeRAA/PC/1/18
TitleCouncil minutes, vol. 18
Date09 Jan 1883 - 31 Dec 1887
Extent & Medium1 vol., 490pp.
Content DescriptionVolume of minutes of the Council, including the following selected entries: a note of a motion proposed by the Treasurer, John Callcott Horsley for the creation of a finance committee, 27 March 1883; the donation of £15,000 to the Royal Academy by Samuel Cousins, 29 May 1883; a list of resolutions passed relating to fees and salaries, 24 January and 12 February 1884; a note of the reply of the President, Leighton, to a letter of the Prime Minister, William Ewart Gladstone, refusing to discuss the Royal Academy’s administration of the Chantrey Bequest, 13 May 1883; the transcript of a demand from the House of Commons for a set of returns from the Royal Academy on the motion of Sir Robert Peel and a note of the accompanying discussion, in which it was resolved that the President should seek an interview with Gladstone, 17 June 1884, notes on that discussion and copy of Gladstone’s letter of advice, 25 June 1884 and the assent of Queen Victoria to the making of the return, 3 July 1884; motion of John Callcott Horsley that in setting nude models in the life school care should be taken to prevent indelicate exposure of person, 15 July 1884 and the motion withdrawn in favour of that of George Richmond, that in future exhibitions of students’ work nude studies be not included, 5 August 1884; the decision to forward a copy of the laws and the last annual report to the Russian government, at the request of the Russian embassy, 13 January 1885; precautions against dynamite explosions in the wake of an attack on the Houses of Parliament, 10 February 1885; and the decision to offer a reward for information following the scratching of a number of paintings in the summer exhibition, 26 May 1885, and the opposition of the police to such a move, 4 June 1885.