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                                >RAA/PC/1/26 Council minutes, vol. 26 01 May 1930 - 16 Feb 1937
Reference CodeRAA/PC/1/26
TitleCouncil minutes, vol. 26
Date01 May 1930 - 16 Feb 1937
Extent & Medium1 vol., 550pp.
Content DescriptionVolume of minutes of the Council, including the following selected entries: the Secretary, Sir Walter Lamb, instructed to send a formal protest to the British Broadcasting Corporation [BBC] about the broadcast of disparaging remarks on the summer exhibition, 6 May 1930 and the receipt of a letter in which the BBC unreservedly apologised and offered air time for an appreciative account of the exhibition, 20 May 1930; foundation of Leverhulme scholarships in the Schools, 7 April 1932; representations to the Import Duties Advisory Committee, London, advocating that works of art in the categories exhibited at the Royal Academy, and particularly works by British artists, should be exempt from import duty, 19 May and 21 June 1932; Sir Alfred Gilbert’s resumption of Royal Academy membership and the satisfaction of King George V with the decision, 21 June 1932; special meeting to discuss the bequests made to the Royal Academy by Edwin Austin Abbey, 18 November 1932; legal advice to sell Chelsea Lodge and its contents, part of the Abbey bequest, approved, 7 November 1933, advice by the Royal Academy’s solicitor about the bequests following decisions in the United States courts, 10 November 1935 and report on the proposal to preserve Chelsea Lodge as a museum, 3 June 1936; the decision to attend a meeting of the British Film Institute to determine whether the Royal Academy should be represented on that body, 9 January 1934 and the decision not to proceed with representation, 13 February 1934; refusal to allow the Gaumont British Company to film the summer exhibition Selection Committee, 23 January 1934, and the concerns of King George V about photographing the committee, 5 June 1934; conditions of a competition to design a statue of J. M. W. Turner, 16 April 1934; the decision to send the cartoon of ‘Wellington and Blücher’ by Daniel Maclise, on loan at the Royal Military College, Sandhurst, to the British Museum laboratory for inspection, after it was found to be falling into disrepair, 30 October 1934 and further, passim; the expression of concern by Sir Arthur Stockdale Cope and Sir Reginald Blomfield about injudicious cleaning of paintings in the national collections, the response of the President, Sir William Llewellyn, the resolution of Council to advise the General Assembly to avoid making ill-founded comments on the management of public institutions, 8 January 1935; and copy of memorandum of Council, 29 January 1935; and entries relating to the resignation of Stanley Spencer, 2 May 1935.
NoteThere is an index at the front of the volume.