Lady Mary Amherst, countess Amherst of Arracan

Born: 1792
Died: 1864
Mary Sackville, eldest daughter of John Frederick Sackville, 3rd Duke of Dorset; married Other-Archer, 6th Earl of Plymouth, who died in 1833; in 1839 she married William Pitt Amherst, 1st Earl Amherst of Arracan (1773-1857).
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Books: 1
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Brady, John Henry   The Visitor's Guide To Knole, In The County Of Kent, With Catalogues Of The Pictures Contained In The Mansion, And Biographical Notices Of The Principal Persons Whose Portraits Form Part Of The Collection. By John H. Brady, F.R.A.S. - Sevenoaks:, London: 1839.