Thomas Cadell, the elder

Born: 1742
Died: 1802
Bookseller, publisher, in London.
Works of Art: 1
Books: 18
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Self portrait   
Self portrait
1 March 1789
Joshua Reynolds

Du Fresnoy, Charles Alphonse   The Art of Painting Of Charles Alphonse Du Fresnoy. Translated into English Verse By William Mason, M.A. With Annotations By Sir Joshua Reynolds, Knt. President of the Royal Academy. - - York:, London;, York. [1783]   
A Concise Introduction To The Knowledge Of The Most Eminent Painters. By Which Every Lover of the Art Of Painting may instantly know the Names, the Years, and Places of the Birth of above Two Thousand Four Hundred of the most Celebrated Artists, who have flourished in any Kingdom of Europe for upwards of Five Hundred Years past, And Also The Subjects painted by each Artist; the Master under whom he studied; and the Age at which he died. Intended to instruct (as well as to assist the Memory of) those Gentlemen and Connoisseurs, who either travel Abroad for the Improvement of their Taste, or intend to view the curious Collections in these Kingdoms.   - London [1778]   
Raspe, Rudolf Erich   A Critical Essay On Oil-Painting; Proving That The Art Of Painting In Oil Was Known Before The Pretended Discovery Of John And Hubert Van Eyck; To Which Are Added, Theophilus De Arte Pingendi Eraclius De Artibus Romanorum. And A Review Of Farinator's Lumen Animæ, By R.E. Raspe. [Epigraph] - London: [1781]   
Reynolds, Joshua, P.R.A.   A Discourse, Delivered To The Students Of The Royal Academy, On The Distribution of the Prizes, December 10, 1784. (1788.) By The President. - London: [1785. (1789.)]   
Il Mercurio Italico: O Sia Ragguaglio Generale intorno alla Letteratura, Belle Arti, Utili Scoperte, ec. di tutta l'Italia. The Italian Mercury: Or, A General Account concerning the Literature, Fine Arts, Useful Discoveries, &c. of all Italy.   - Londra: [1789-1790]   
Baretti, Joseph   A Guide Through The Royal Academy, By Joseph Baretti Secretary For Foreign Correspondence To The Royal Academy. - London: [1781]   
Hederich, Benjamin   Graecum Lexicon Manuale Primum A Beniamine Hederico Institutum, Post Repetitas Sam. Patricii Curas, Auctum Myriade Amplius Verborum, Innumeris Vitiis Repurgatum, Plurimisque Novis Significatibus Verborum Locupletatum Cura Io. Augusti Ernesti, Nunc Iterum Recensitum, Et Quamplurimum In Utraque Parte Auctum A T. Morell, S. T. P. Thesauri Graecae Poeseos, nuper editi, Autore. - Londini: [1778]   
Chambers, Ephraim   Cyclopædia: Or, An Universal Dictionary Of Arts And Sciences. Containing An Explanation of the Terms, and an Account Of The Several Subjects, In The Liberal And Mechanical Arts, And The Sciences, Human and Divine. Intended as a Course of Ancient and Modern Learning. By E. Chambers, F.R.S. ... With The Supplement, And Modern Improvements, Incorporated in one Alphabet. By Abraham Rees, D.D. In Four Volumes. Volume The First. (Fifth.) - London [1786]   
Baretti, Joseph   A Dictionary Of The English and Italian Languages. By Joseph Baretti. Improved and augmented with above Ten Thousand Words, omitted in the last Edition of Altieri. To which is prefixed, An Italian and English Grammar. A New Edition. Volume I. (II.) - London [1778]   
Albinus, Bernhard Siegfried   The Anatomy Of Painting: Or A Short And Easy Introduction To Anatomy: Being A New Edition, On A Smaller Scale, Of Six Tables Of Albinus, With Their Linear Figures: Also, A New Translation Of Albinus's History Of That Work, And Of His Index To The Six Tables: To Which Are Added The Anatomy Of Celsus, With Notes, And The Physiology Of Cicero: With An Introduction, Giving A Short View Of Picturesque Anatomy. By John Brisbane, M. D. - London: [1769]   
An Historical Account Of The Royal Hospital For Seamen At Greenwich.   - London: [1789]   
Antiquities Of Great Britain Illustrated In Views Of Monasteries, Castles, and Churches, Now Existing. Engraved from Drawings made by Thomas Hearne.   - London: [1786 (-1807)]   
Combe, Charles   Nummorum Veterum Populorum Et Urbium, Qui In Museo Gulielmi Hunter Asservantur, Descriptio Figuris Illustrata. Opera Et Studio Caroli Combe, S.R. et S.A. Lond. Soc. - Londini [1782]   
Green, Valentine, A.R.A.   A Review Of The Polite Arts In France, At the Time of their Establishment under Louis XIVth, Compared With Their Present State In England: In Which Their National Importance And Several Pursuits, Are Briefly Stated And Considered. In A Letter to Sir Joshua Reynolds, President of the Royal Academy, and F.R.S. By Valentine Green, Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries, Mezzotint Engraver to His Majesty, and to the Elector Palatine; Member of the Royal Academy, London, and Professor of the Electoral Academy, Dusseldorff. - London: [1782]   
Flaxman, John, R.A.   A Letter To The Committee For Raising The Naval Pillar, Or Monument, Under The Patronage Of His Royal Highness The Duke of Clarence. By John Flaxman, Sculptor. - London: 1799.   
Bromley, Robert Anthony   A Philosophical And Critical History Of The Fine Arts, Painting, Sculpture, And Architecture; With Occasional Observations On The Progress of Engraving, in it's several Branches Deduced From The Earliest Records, Through Every Country In Which Those Arts Have Been Cherished, To Their Present Establishment In Great Britain, Under The Auspices Of His Majesty King George III. In Four Parts. Volume I. (II.) By The Rev. Robert Anthony Bromley, B.D. Rector Of St. Mildred's In The Poultry, And Minister Of Fitzroy-Chapel, London. - London: [1793-1795]   
Johnson, Samuel   The Lives Of The Most Eminent English Poets; With Critical Observations On Their Works. By Samuel Johnson. In Four Volumes. Volume I. (-IV.) - London: [1781]   
Chambers, William, R.A.   A Treatise On The Decorative Part Of Civil Architecture. Illustrated By Fifty Original, and Three Additional Plates, Engraved by Old Rooker, Old Fourdrinier, Charles Grignion, and other eminent Hands. - By Sir William Chambers, K. P. S. Surveyor General of His Majesty's Works; Treasurer, and Member of the Royal Academy of Arts in London; also of those of Paris, and Florence. FRS. FAS. FSSS. - The Third Edition, considerably augmented. - London; [1791]   
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