Thomas Bensley

Born: 1759
Died: 1835
Works of Art: 6
Books: 19
Archives: 0
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Capsula of the Tamara with...   
Capsula of the Tamara with...
Richard Duppa

Tamara of India.   
Tamara of India.
Richard Duppa

Ambel of India.   
Ambel of India.
Richard Duppa

Aegyptian Lotus.   
Aegyptian Lotus.
Richard Duppa

Libyan Lotus   
Libyan Lotus
Richard Duppa

Richard Duppa

Society of Engravers (London)   The Rules, Orders, and Regulations, Of The Society Of Engravers, Instituted At London, 1802: Under The Immediate Patronage Of His Royal Highness The Prince Of Wales. - - London: 1804.   
Engravings Of The Most Noble The Marquis Of Stafford's Collection Of Pictures, In London, Arranged According To Schools, And In Chronological Order, With Remarks On Each Picture. By William Young Ottley, Esq. F.S.A. The Executive Part Under The Management Of Peltro William Tomkins, Esq. Historical Engraver To Her Majesty. - Vol. I. (- IV.) -   - London: 1818.   
A Series Of Engravings, Illustrating Those Important Events Recorded In The Sacred Scriptures, Which Have Been Selected, As Subjects For Their Pencils, By Raffaelle, Rubens, Caravaggio, Vandyke, Poussin, And Other Of The Old Masters; Together With A Critical Notice Of Each Picture, By John Landseer, Esq. F.A.S. And A.R.A. -   - London: 1825.   
Hope, Thomas   Household Furniture And Interior Decoration, Executed From Designs By Thomas Hope. - London. 1807.   
The Life Of Bartolomé E. Murillo, Compiled From The Writings Of Various Authors. Translated By Edward Davies, Esq. Late Captain In The First Regiment Of Life Guards.   - London: 1819.   
Blair, Robert   The Grave, A Poem. By Robert Blair. Illustrated By Twelve Etchings Executed From Original Designs. To Which Is Added A Life Of The Author. - London: 1813.   
Duppa, Richard   Illustrations Of The Lotus Of Antiquity. By R. Duppa, Ll.B. - London: [1813]   
Hindoo Excavations. In The Mountain Of Ellora Near Aurungabad In The Decan: In Twenty Four Views Respectfully Dedicated To Sir Charles Warre Malet Bart. Late The British Resident At Poonah: Engraved From The Drawings Of James Wales, By And Under The Direction Of Thomas Daniell.   - London June 1st. 1803. [text volume 'June 1, 1804.']   
Daniell, Thomas, R.A., draughtsman, engraver, publisher   Antiquities Of India. Twelve Views From The Drawings Of Thomas Daniell R.A. & F.S.A. Engraved By Himself And William Daniell. Dedicated Respectfully To The Society Of Antiquaries Of London. - London 1799-1800 [1808].   
Loutherbourg, Philippe Jacques de, R.A.   The Romantic And Picturesque Scenery Of England and Wales, From Drawings made Expressly For This Undertaking, By P. J. De Loutherbourg, Esq. R. A. With Historical And Descriptive Accounts Of The Several Places Of Which Views Are Given. Engraved By William Pickett, And Coloured By John Clarke. - London 1805. [i.e. ca. 1824]   
Society of Dilettanti (London)   Specimens Of Antient Sculpture, Ægyptian, Etruscan, Greek, And Roman: Selected From Different Collections In Great Britain By The Society Of Dilettanti. Vol. I. (II.) - London: 1809. (-1835.)   
Society of Antiquaries of London   An Index To The First Three Volumes Of Vetusta Monumenta. Printed By Order Of The President And Council Of The Society Of Antiquaries Of London, 25th Of May, 1810. - London: 1810.   
Moor, Edward   [Sri Sarva Deva Sabha] The Hindu Pantheon. By Edward Moor, F.R.S. Member Of The Asiatic Society Of Calcutta, And Of The Literary Society Of Bombay. - London : 1810.   
Laing, David   Plans, Elevations, And Sections, Of Buildings Public and Private, Executed In Various Parts Of England, &c. Including The New Custom-House, London With Plans, Details, And Descriptions. Engraved On Fifty-Nine Plates. By David Laing, F.S.A. Architect And Surveyor To The Board Of Customs, &c. - London : [1818]   
Daniell, Thomas, R.A., draughtsman, engraver, publisher   Oriental Scenery. Twenty Four Views In Hindoostan Drawn And Engraved By Thomas Daniell, And With Permission Respectfully Dedicated To The Honourable Court Of Directors Of The East India Company. - London March 1. 1795 (- May 1807.)   
Aikin, Edmund   An Essay On The Doric Order Of Architecture, Containing A Historical View Of Its Rise And Progress Among The Ancients, With A Critical Investigation Of Its Principles Of Composition And Adaptation To Modern Use. Illustrated By Figures Of The Principal Antique Examples, Drawn To One Scale, From The Best Authorities, By Edmund Aikin, Architect. - London.: 1810.   
Thomson, James   The Seasons, By James Thomson. Illustrated With Engravings By F. Bartolozzi, R.A. And P. W. Tomkins, Historical Engravers to Their Majesties; From Original Pictures painted For The Work By W. Hamilton, R.A. - London: [1797]   
Richardson, George   The New Vitruvius Britannicus; Consisting Of Plans And Elevations Of Modern Buildings, Public And Private, Erected In Great Britain By The` Most Celebrated Architects. Engraved On LXXII (LXX) Plates, From Original Drawings. (Volume II.) By George Richardson, Architect. Le Nouveau Vitruve Britannique; Qui Comprend Les Plans Et Élévations De Bâtimens Modernes, Tant Publics Que Particuliers, Érigés dans la Grande Bretagne Par Les Plus Célèbres Architectes. Contenant LXXII (LXX) Planches, Gravées D'Après Des Desseins Origineaux. (Tome Seconde.) - London: [1802 (-1808)]   
Malton, Thomas, the younger   A Picturesque Tour Through the Cities of London and Westminster, Illustrated With the most interesting Views, accurately delineated And executed in Aquatinta By Thomas Malton - London Published Augt. 21st. 1792 (-1801)