Born: ca. 325 B.C.
Died: ca. 265 B.C.
Mathematician, writer on geometry, in Alexandria.
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Lorenzo de San Nicolás   Arte, Y Uso De Arquitectura. Dirigido Al Patriarca San Ioseph, Con El Primer Libro De Euclides, traducido de Latin en Romance. Primera Parte. Compuesto Por El Padre Fray Lorenzo de S. Nicolàs, Agustino Descalzo, Maestro de Obras, y Arquitecto; natural de la muy Noble, y Coronada Villa de Madrid. Tercera Impression. Con Licencia. - - In Madrid: Año 1736.   
Euclid   Euclide's Elements ... compendiously demonstrated:with Archimedes's theorems of the sphere and cylinder investigated by the method of indvisibles. By I. Barrow. To which is annex'd Euclide's Data with Marinus's preface; and a bried tratise of regular solids (by Flusses). And a supplement (by H. Wilson). revis'd by T. Haselden. - London 1732   
Payne, William   An Introduction To Geometry; Containing The most useful Propositions in Euclid, and other Authors. Demonstrated in a clear and easy Method, for the Use of Learners. By William Payne. The Second Edition. - London: [1768]   
Noble, Edward   The Elements Of Linear Perspective Demonstrated By Geometrical Principles, And applied to the most general and concise Modes Of Practice. With An Introduction, Containing So Much Of The Elements of Geometry As Will Render The Whole Rationale of Perspective Intelligible, Withot Any Other Previous Mathematical Knowledge. By Edward Noble. - London. [1771]