Jacob Folkema

Born: 1692
Died: 1767
Printmaker and draughtsman.
Works of Art: 0
Books: 3
Archives: 0
Les Tapisseries Du Feu-Roy Louis XIIII. (De Glorieuse Memoire,) en douze Feüilles, et celles de Feuë Son Alt. Rle. Monseigr. le Duc d'Orleans, en huit feüilles; Peintes par Charles Le-Brun, Ecuïer, Premier Peintre du Roy, et gravées par Sébastien Le Clerc, et Bernard Picart (Le Romain), Graveurs du Roy, en son Academie Roïale de Peinture & Sculpture.   - [S.l.: [ca. 1715].   
Ovid   Ovid's Metamorphoses In Latin And English, Translated By The Most Eminent Hands. With Historical explications Of the Fables, Written In French By The Abbot Banier Member Of The Academy Of Inscriptions And Belles Lettres. Translated Into English. Adorned with Sculptures, by B. Picart, and other able Masters. Volume The First. (Second.) - Amsterdam: [1732]   
Picart, Bernard   The Ceremonies And Religious Customs Of The Various Nations of the Known World: Together with Historical Annotations, And several Curious Discourses Equally Instructive and Entertaining. Vol. I. ... (-VII. ...) Written originally in French, and illustrated with a large Number of Folio Copper Plates, all beautifully Designed By Mr. Bernard Picart, And curiously Engraved by most of the Best Hands in Europe. Faithfully translated into English, by a Gentleman, some Time since of St. John's College in Oxford. - London: [1733-1739]