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British Museum. Department of Prints and Drawings   Catalogue of engraved British portraits preserved in the Department of Prints and Drawings in the British Museum - London 1908-1925   
Robinson, John Charles   Descriptive Catalogue of the Drawings by the Old Masters, forming the Collection of John Malcolm Of Poltalloch, Esq. By J.C. Robinson. - London: [1869]   
Cumberland, George   An Essay On The Utility Of Collecting The Best Works Of The Ancient Engravers Of The Italian School; Accompanied By A Critical Catalogue, With Interesting Anecdotes Of The Engravers, Of A Chronological Series Of rare And Valuable Prints, From The Earliest Practice Of The Art In Italy To The Year 1549, Now Deposited In The British Museum and Royal Academy, In London, By George Cumberland. - London. 1827.   
CL/1/113    Langford Jones, 67 Shakespeare Road, Hanwell, London, W7, to Clausen    24 Dec 1921    Item