James Christie, the younger

Born: 1773
Died: 1831
Antiquary, auctioneer, in London. Eldest son of auctioneer James Christie (1730-1803).
Works of Art: 0
Books: 5
Archives: 4
Christie, James, the younger   A catalogue of all the original finished and unfinished paintings, drawings & sketches of ... James Barry: also his prints and casts; and library of books. Which will be sold by auction by Mr. Christie, at his Great Room, Pall Mall, on Friday April 10, 1807, and following day. - London 1807   
Christie, James, the younger   An Inquiry Into The Early History Of Greek Sculpture. - By James Christie, Member Of The Society Of Dilettanti. - - London: [1832]   
Outline Engravings And Descriptions Of The Woburn Abbey Marbles   - [S.l.: [1822]   
Christie, James, the younger   An Essay On That Earliest Species Of Idolatry, The Worship of the Elements. By J. Christie. - Norwich., London. 1814.   
Christie, James, the younger   Disquisitions Upon The Greek Vases, And Their Probable Connection With The Shows Of The Eleusinian And Other Mysteries. By James Christie, A Member Of The Society Of Dilettanti. - London: 1825.   
AND/9/6    Anderdon's notes on a caricature of James Christie    [c.1870]    Item   
FU/5/8    James Christie, King St., St. James Sq., to John Knowles    07 Sep 1829    Item   
FU/5/3    IA Catalogue, of the Whole of the Remaining Finished and Unfinished Works, of the Distinghuished Artist, Henry Fuseli, Esq. M.A., Deceased/I [. . . etc.]    1827    Item   
GAR/1/106    A. Keightley, 5 Hare Court, to Anne Bloxam    30 Jun 1830    Item