Charles Brome, 1st Marquess Cornwallis

Born: 1738
Died: 1805
Governor General of India; Lord Lieutenant of Ireland.
Works of Art: 1
Books: 0
Archives: 24
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The Delivery of the Definitive...   
The Delivery of the Definitive...
21 December 1793
Daniel Orme

HU/8/113    Note by Humphry, possibly a draft of a letter for Cornwallis    25 Mar 1805    Item   
HU/8/110    Ozias Humphry, to [unknown]    [1805]    Item   
HU/8/105    [heavily corrected draft] Ozias Humphry, Coventry Street, to [Nathaniel Bond]    23 Jan 1805    Item   
HU/8/100    N. Bond, Temple, to Ozias Humphry    [23] Mar 1805    Item   
HU/8/34    Henry Dundas, India Office, to [Lord Bayham]    14 Mar 1790    Item   
HU/8/28    Extract of letter from Bengal to the Secret Committee    18 Nov 1786    Item   
HU/6/70    N. Bond, Temple, to Ozias Humphry, Mr. Faulding's, Linnen Draper, Coventry Street    18 Jan [1806]    Item   
HU/4/112    W[illiam] B[aillie], Calcutta, to Ozias Humphry    4 Oct 1795    Item   
HU/4/90-92    Gavin Hamilton, Calcutta, to Ozias Humphry, Crayon Painter to His Majesty, No.37 New Bond Street    10 Jan 1794    Item   
HU/4/88-89    William Baillie, Calcutta, to Ozias Humphry, Portrait Painter to His Majesty, No. 13 Old Bond Street, London    23 Nov 1793    Item   
HU/4/79    Bayham, Berkeley Square, to Ozias Humphry, Knightsbridge    28 Mar 1793    Item   
HU/4/26-30    William Johnson, to Ozias Humphrey    12 Mar 1789    Item   
HU/4/18    Gavin Hamilton, Calcutta, to [Ozias Humphry]    15 Feb 1789    Item   
HU/3/133    Tom Boydell, Monjhyr, to Ozias Humphry    7 May 1787    Item   
HU/3/74    Ozias Humphry, Calcutta, to Mary Boydell, 90 Cheapside, London    28 Dec 1786    Item   
HU/3/67-69    Ozias Humphry, to Mary Boydell, 90 Cheapside, London    29 Nov 1786    Item   
HU/3/65-66    Ozias Humphry, Calcutta, to Miss Boydell, at Alderman Boydell's, Cheapside, London    10-14 Nov 1786    Item   
HU/3/56    Mary Boydell, Cheapside, to [Ozias Humphry]    8 Apr 1786    Item   
HU/3/46    Mary Boydell, Cheapside, to [Revd. William Humphry]    4 Apr 1786    Item   
AND/9/84    [copy] Receipt    5 Jun 1795    Item   
HU/8    Claim on the Nawab of Oudh    1787-1856    File   
LAW/1/83    Lord Cornwallis, Culford, to [a member of the Royal Family]    7 Jan 1798    Item   
RAA/SEC/2/35/1    T. G. [Thomas Gainsborough] to F. M. Newton    c. 1783    Item   
HU/8/103    [draft] Oziash Humphrey to Sir C.W. Bunbury    8 Jan 1805    Item