Sir Humphry Davy

Born: 1778 in Penzance
Died: 1829
Works of Art: 0
Books: 0
Archives: 9
MAR/3/13    William Calder Marshall, Rome, to John    22 Sep - 4 Oct 1837    Item   
FAR/2/165    Sir H. Davy, Grosvenor Street, to the President and Council    20 Apr [1818]    Item   
FAR/2/144    Lady Davy, Berkeley Square, to [the Secretary]    17 Apr 1813    Item   
LAW/4/123    H. Davy, to Sir Thos. Lawrence, Pres. R.A., Russel Square    [Feb 1822]    Item   
LAW/4/95    J. Baillie, Cavendish Square, to Sir Thomas    19 Feb [1823]    Item   
LAW/2/160    H Davy, to Sir Thomas    [Sept 1816]    Item   
LAW/2/108    Sir Humphry Davy, to Sir Thomas Lawrence    [10 Jun 1815]    Item   
RAA/SEC/1/11    Letter from Joseph Banks, Soho Square, to T. Phillips    27 Feb 1815    Item   
RAA/SEC/1/10    Letter from William Woollaston [Secretary, Royal Society], Somerset House, to Henry Howard    06 Apr 1815    Item