Charles James Fox

Born: 1749
Died: 1806
Works of Art: 0
Books: 1
Archives: 5
Reynolds, Joshua, P.R.A.   A discourse, delivered to the students of the Royal Academy, on the distribution of the prizes, December 11, 1769, by the President [Sir Joshua Reynolds] - London 1769   
HU/2/112    Ozias Humphry, Newman Street, The Revd, Mr. Tucker    3 Sep 1780    Item   
LAW/2/175    William Lamb, Downing Street, to Lawrence    2 Jan 1817    Item   
LAW/1/214    Thos. Lawrence, to Joseph Farington    [13 May 1809]    Item   
LAW/1/139    Thomas Lawrence, to Joseph Farington    [22 Sep 1806]    Item   
LAW/1/85    C.J. Fox, St. Anne's Hall, to Thomas Lawrence    [c.1800]    Item