Henry Cecil, 1st Marquess of Exeter

Born: 1754
Died: 1804
In 1778 succeeded his father as tenth Earl of Exeter; in 1801 was created first Marquess of Exeter.
Works of Art: 0
Books: 1
Archives: 2
Carter, John   Specimens of the Ancient Sculpture and Painting, now remaining in this Kingdom, from the earliest period to the reign of Henry ye VIII consisting of Statues, Bassorelievos, Brasses &c. Paintings on Glass and on Walls &c, A Description of each Subject, some of which by Gentlemen of Leterary abilities, and well versed in the Antiquities of this Kingdom whose names are prefixed to their Essays. This work is designed to shew the Rise & Progress of Sculpture and Painting in England, to explain obscure and doubtful parts of History, and preserve the Portraits of great and eminent Personages. The Drawings made from the original Subjects and Engrav'd by Iohn Carter. (Vol. II.) - London. November ye 1st. 1780. (- Jan. 1t. 1787.)   
AND/11/142    [copy] Thomas Stothard, Burghley, to Mr. Heath    2 Sep 1800    Item   
LAW/1/86    Thomas Lawrence, to Joseph Farington, Charlotte Street    [25 Aug 1799]    Item