Thomas Coutts

Born: 1735
Died: 1822
Works of Art: 0
Books: 0
Archives: 11
HU/7/1i    Lord Buchan, Colness, Lanarkshire, "on the wing to Edinburgh", to Josiah Humphreys[sic], c/o Richard Cooper, Mount Street, London    1 Jan 1808    Item   
LAW/3/230    S. Guilford, Nice, Sir Thomas Lawrence, Russell Street, London    25 Nov 1820    Item   
LAW/1/189    T. Coutts, Cheltenham, to [Thomas Lawrence]    11 Jun 1808    Item   
LAW/1/167    T. Lawrence, to [Joseph Farington]    [5 Nov 1807]    Item   
LAW/1/150    Thomas Lawrence, to Joseph Farington    [15 Feb 1807]    Item   
LAW/1/146    Thomas Lawrence, to [Thomas Coutts]    19 Feb 1807    Item   
LAW/1/144    [copy] [Thomas Coutts], to [Thomas Lawrence]    19 Feb 1807    Item   
LAW/1/143    List of financial data    29 Mar 1807    Item   
LAW/1/128    T. Coutts, Boconnoc, Cornwall, to [Thomas Lawrence]    3 May 1805    Item   
LAW/1/127    Thomas Coutts, Strand, London, to [Thomas Lawrence]    Mar 1805    Item   
LAW/1/113    Thomas Coutts, to [Thomas Lawrence]    25 Aug 1804    Item