George Foster

Born: fl. 1737 - 1747
Publisher, printer, map-seller, bookseller, in London. Address: White Horse, St Paul's Churchyard (1737-9); at the White Horse, Ludgate Hill (1741-7).
Works of Art: 0
Books: 2
Archives: 0
Badeslade, Thomas   Vitruvius Brittanicus, Volume the Fourth. Being A Collection Of Plans, Elevations, and Perspective Views, Of` The Royal Palaces, Noblemen, and Gentlemens Seats, In Great Britain, Not Exhibited in any Collection of this nature hitherto published. Design'd By J. Badeslade and J. Rocque, &c. And Engraven by the Best Hands. - London: [1739]   
Lairesse, Gerard de   The Art of Painting, In All its Branches, Methodically demonstrated by Discourses and Plates And exemplified by Remarks On The Paintings of the best Masters; and their Perfections and Oversights laid open By Gerard De Lairesse. Translated by John Frederick Fritsch, Painter. - London: [1738]