Peter Coxe

Born: 1753?
Died: 22 January 1844
Writer, poet, auctioneer, in London. Published 'Another Word or two' (1807) under the pseudonym of Fabricia Nunnez. Son of physician William Coxe (ca. 1710-1760); brother of Archdeacon William Coxe (1748-1828).
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Another Word or two; Or, Architectural Hints Continued, In Lines To Those Royal Academicians who are Painters, Addressed To Them On The Re-Election Of Benjamin West, Esquire, To The President's Chair, 10th December, 1806. By Fabricia Nunnez, Spinster. With Dedication, Preface, Notes, And Appendix. - [Epigraphs] -   - London: 1807.   
LAW/3/303    Peter Coxe, 2 Archer Street, to Sir Thomas Lawrence    29 Jun 1821    Item