Richard Charles Francis Christian Meade, 3rd Earl of Clanwilliam

Born: 15 Aug 1795 in Dublin
Died: 7 Oct 1879
Works of Art: 0
Books: 0
Archives: 21
LAW/5/488    Lord Clanwilliam, Warren's Hotel, to Mr. Keightley    [Jan 1830]    Item   
LAW/5/389    Clanwilliam, F.O., to Sir Thomas    29 [c.1816]    Item   
LAW/5/219    Clanwm., to Sir Thomas    [c.1820?]    Item   
LAW/5/188    Clanwillm., Wrest Park, to Sir Thomas Lawrence, Russell Square, London    [31 Dec 1827]    Item   
LAW/5/169    C, to Sir T. Lawrence, Russell Sqare    24 Aug [?1822]    Item   
LAW/5/46    C[lanwilliam], Cray, to Sir Thomas Lawrence, P.R.A., Russell Square    [c.1820-21]    Item   
LAW/4/161    Clanwilliam, Berlin, to Sir Thomas Lawrence, PRA, Russell Square, London    15 Sep 1823    Item   
LAW/4/151    Clanwilliam, B[erli]n, to Sir T. Lawrence, P.R.A., Russell Square, London    16 Aug 1823    Item   
LAW/4/26/2    Carteret, Paris, to Lord Clanwilliam    23 May 1822    Item   
LAW/4/26/1    Clanwilliam, Cray Farm, to Lawrence    28 May 1822    Item   
LAW/4/230/1    Gower, Han. Place, to Sir Thomas    11 Jun 1824    Item   
LAW/4/230/2    Clanwilliam, Cray Farm, to [Thomas Lawrence]    [Jun 1824]    Item   
LAW/4/249    Clanm., B[erli]n, to [Thomas Lawrence]    24 Sep 1824    Item   
LAW/4/304    Clanwilliam, B[erli]n, to [Thomas] Lawrence    6 Feb 1825    Item   
LAW/3/307    Gower, Paris, to Sir Thomas Lawrence    9 Jul 1821    Item   
LAW/3/273    Vane Stewart, Vienna, to [Thomas Lawrence]    8 Apr 1821    Item   
LAW/3/250    Clanwilliam, Vienna, to Sir Thomas    2 Feb 1821    Item   
LAW/3/207    Clanwilliam, Cray, to [Thomas] Lawrence    [16 Sep 1820]    Item   
LAW/3/99    Lady Burghersh, Florence, to Sir Thomas, at the British Ambassador's, Paris    20 Mar 1820    Item   
LAW/3/78    Eth. Devonshire, Rome, to [Thomas Lawrence]    25 Dec 1819    Item   
LAW/3/56    Clanwilliam, to Sir Thomas Lawrence    20 Jul 1819    Item