Giuseppe Bossi

Born: 11 November 1777 in Busto Arsizio, Lombardy, Italy
Died: 15 December 1815
Nationality: Italian
Italian painter, fresco-painter, collector of drawings and books, and writer. Studied at the Accademia di Brera in Milan and the Accademia di Domenico Con in Rome. On his return to Milan in 1801 he became secretary to the Accademia di Brera, a post he held until 1807. During this period he devoted all his efforts to the restructuring of the Brera, providing it with new statutes and a major library and also founding the adjoining art gallery.
Works of Art: 0
Books: 3
Archives: 0
Hoare, Prince   Academic annals ; published by authority of the Royal Academy of Arts 1804-5 ; collected and arranged by Prince Hoare, Secretary for Foreign Correspondence to the Royal Academy - London 1805   
Vita Di S. Lazzaro Monaco E Pittore Preceduta Da Alcune Osservazioni Sulla Bibliomania   - Brescia [1807]   
Bossi, Giuseppe   Del Cenacolo Di Leonardo Da Vinci Libri Quattro Di Giuseppe Bossi Pittore. - Milano [1810]