Georg Siegmund Facius

Born: ca. 1750
Died: in or before 1813
Stipple engraver; from 1776 worked in London for Boydell. Brother of engraver Johann Gottlieb Facius (ca.1750-ca.1813).
Works of Art: 2
Books: 4
Archives: 2
Works associated with

Angelica and Medoro   
Angelica and Medoro
1 January 1778
Benjamin West

The Golden Age   
The Golden Age
1 January 1778
Benjamin West

A Set Of Prints Engraved after the most capital Paintings In the Collection of Her Imperial Majesty, The Empress of Russia Lately in the Possession of the Earl Of Orford At Houghton in Norfolk; With Plans, Elevations, Sections, Chimney Pieces & Ceilings. Vol: I (II)   - London [1788]   
The West Window Of The Chapel, New College, Oxford. After Pictures Painted By Sir Joshua Reynolds, And Executed On Glass By Mr. Jervaise. Engraved By S.G. and J.G. Facius.   - London. [1785]   
A Collection Of Prints, From Pictures Painted For The Purpose Of Illustrating The Dramatic Works Of Shakspeare, By The Artists Of Great-Britain. Volume I. (II.)   - London [1803]   
Engravings From The Original Designs Of Annibale, Agostino, And Ludovico Caracci, In His Majesty's Collection. Consisting Of Elegant Compositions And Studies For The Various Celebrated Pictures In The Different Palaces And Cabinets At Rome, Bologna, Parma, Milan, &c. Published By John Chamberlaine, F.S.A. And Keeper Of The King's Medals And Drawings.   - London: 1797. [-1807?]   
AND/6/127    Anderdon's biographical notes on Georg Siegmund and Johann Gottlieb Facius    5 Feb 1864    Item   
JU/2/80    Receipts issued by [John] Boydell    24 Oct 1783    Item