William Camden Edwards

Born: 1777
Died: 1855
Engraver of portraits and figures. Trained in Monmouthshire; active in Bungay, Suffolk.
Works of Art: 1
Books: 1
Archives: 2
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Temple of Jupiter Olympius, Agrigento:...   
Temple of Jupiter Olympius, Agrigento:...
C.R. Cockerell

Cockerell, C.R., R.A.   The Temple Of Jupiter Olympius At Agrigentum, Commonly Called The Temple Of The Giants. By C.R. Cockerell, Architect, A.R.A. F.S.A. - [London:] [1830]   
AND/17/22    Henry Thomson, to [Mr. Edwards, Engraver, Bungay]    28 Oct 1818    Item   
JU/2/130    Edwin Cooper [to W. C. Edwards]    c. 1813    Item