Christian VII, King of Denmark

Born: 1749 in Copenhagen
Died: 1808
Reigned 1766-1808.
Works of Art: 0
Books: 0
Archives: 10
SA/46/10    F. M. [Francis Milner Newton], [to the Prime Minister of the King of Denmark]    [1768]    Item   
SA/35/43    Bill for coffee    1769    Item   
SA/35/19    Receipted bill for exhibition dinners    1768-1769    Item   
SA/35/15    Receipt of Richard Paton    22 Jun 1769    Item   
SA/33/54    Receipt of Elizabeth Malin    13 Oct 1768    Item   
SA/33/53    Receipt of Edward Townsend    13 Oct 1768    Item   
SA/33/47    Bill of William Weston    26 Sep 1768    Item   
SA/33/46    Agreement of Thomas Williams to let his exhibition room at Spring Gardens    21 Sep 1768    Item   
SA/33/2    Account of the expenses of the extraordinary exhibition for the King of Denmark    1768    Item   
SA    Incorporated Society of Artists of Great Britain, papers    1759-1807    Fonds